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If you have business savvy and think you might enjoy working in the broad field of health care, searching for campus based healthcare administration graduate programs may be a great academic choice. The field of healthcare includes policy making, research, and the management aspects that include financial and marketing decisions. With the aging population, and more of an information technology infrastructure in hospitals, more managers are going to be needed to organize, administrate, and integrate informatics. While you may be successful with an undergraduate degree, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that master’s degrees are now common and sometimes preferred by employers. That is pretty motivating, and you have different options to consider, so read on to take a look inside a Healthcare Administration Graduate Program.

Health Care Administration Graduate Degree On Campus Program InformationThings You Might Expect in Campus Based Healthcare Administration Graduate Programs

Some graduate programs may take between 2 and 3 years and may include up to 1 year of supervised administrative experience in a hospital or healthcare consulting setting. If you think you want to take on a more business-oriented role, as opposed to a research or policy making one, you might look into a graduate degree in health administration, health management, public health administration, or business administration.

The great thing about campus based healthcare administration graduate programs is that they tend to focus on both management and healthcare. You often receive a combination of business-related courses with courses in medical terminology, hospital organization, and health information systems. For example, a degree in health administration or health information management often includes courses in health services management, accounting and budgeting, human resources administration, strategic planning, law and ethics, health economics, and

health information systems.[i]

How to Find Campus Based Healthcare Administration Graduate Programs really makes it easy to narrow down your search for the college or university with the right program for your unique needs. Narrow things down with filters. Choose a degree level –Masters, Doctorates or Graduate Certificates, then add in some location settings; use the city, state, or country tabs. And don’t forget, if you request info from each school, it gives you that super efficient way of comparing and contrasting grad programs and school features.

Studying on campus may be a wonderful way to grow academically and personally. You learn in real-time, and get to interact with professors and classmates. Whether it’s to brainstorm over a management strategy or cultivate new social networks. Perks of attending class onsite –well, the libraries, your classes, learning labs, and other facilities are often all in one place. But, just like people, a campus has its own identity, so look into a few to get a sense of what is offered.

What Types of Campus Based Healthcare Administration Graduate Programs are there?

Healthcare Administration Graduate campus programs are available in Graduate certificates, doctorates, and Masters in Healthcare Administration. The MBA is also offered with a concentration in Health care Administration. Which one is for you?

Campus Graduate Certificates in Healthcare Administration Management

Listings such as Master of Science in Management: Elder Care Management grad certificates offer you the opportunity to build your credentials and specific skills. You may have a ton of business savvy, but if you aspire to managing a specific type of facility, you might want to learn the ins and outs of the trade. Browse Campus Grad Certificates!

Campus Masters in Healthcare Administration

You may want to weight the options of a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration as opposed to a Master of Science in healthcare Administration.

If you are already a mid-career professional, the MS in Health Care Administration might give you a deeper knowledge of the legal components and issues in the U.S. Health care system as well as quantitative methods for research and analysis, human resource management and managerial-oriented financial decision-making skills.

In an MBA Program with a concentration in Health Care Administration, you may gain practical experiences through required internship programs. Some of the courses typically offered in an MBA in health care administration degree program impart knowledge of management theory and key elements of the health care profession. You might learn statistical business methods, marketing and organizational behavior as well as other subjects that pertain to health care such as ethics or accounting in management.

You might also find that Masters programs allow you to focus on a concentrated area of study more than your undergrad degree. Listings might include Master Health Management Systems, Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration or Public Administration, Public Policy, Health Administration. Browse all Campus Masters!

Campus PhD in Healthcare Administration

If you have significant experience as a policy maker or manager, there are options at the doctorate level as well. The DHA or Doctor of Health Administration bridges theory and application (and research!) You might also find listings such as Doctorate of management – Healthcare Management and Leadership. Different degrees, different goals? Browse all Campus Doctorates!

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Reports are showing that a graduate education is important in business and administration oriented roles. You may have top notch business skills, but the material you are exposed to and the experiences you get in graduate school may help you lead in the workplace. So, take the next step!


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