Ontario Health Science Graduate Schools

Health Science Schools offer graduate degrees in healthcare administration, public health, health informatics, clinical research and more. As an interdisciplinary field, health science tackles both clinical and non-clinical topics, which means there are broad choices for graduate study. Many health science graduate programs allow students to take classes from multiple university departments and possibly, from an inter-professional faculty.

Health Science Schools & Health Science Graduate Programs

Health Science Schools could award Masters degrees such as the Master of Health Science (MHS), Doctorate degrees such as the Doctor of Health Science (DHSc), certificates, and many other options. Graduate degrees in the field of health science could help students develop their research, patient-care, leadership, and integrative wellness skills. With the choices that are available, it is therefore key to narrow down interests, look through curricula, and try to marry the program to career goals as much as possible.

MHS: Master of Health Science

A Master of Health Science degree program could provide students with instruction in areas such as (1) biostatistics, (2) epidemiology, (3) healthcare systems, (4) healthcare policy and (5) project management. Students then might tailor studies through an area of emphasis such as regulatory science or biomedicine.

MPH: Master of Public Health

A Master of Public Health degree program often explores the various biological, environmental, socio-economic, behavioral and cultural factors that impact human health. Students might explore courses in biostatistics, healthcare policy, epidemiology, and management. Candidates could also choose an emphasis such as community health, which could provide coursework in health promotion, communication and advocacy. 

DHSc: Doctor of Health Science

A Doctor of Health Science degree curriculum aims to build and enhance the professional competence needed to lead within healthcare systems. As a practical, evidence-based degree, a DHSc degree could include courses in decision analysis (risk management, health IT), health sciences (health delivery systems, population health) and research methods.

DHA: Doctor of Health Administration

A Doctor of Health Administration is a terminal practice doctorate in healthcare management. Coursework could explore strategy, evidence-based leadership, health policy, advocacy and policy analysis. Students might also explore topics such as finance, and multiple business practices used in the healthcare industry.

Admission to Health Science Schools

Many Health Science Schools make use of online admission forms, but each program and university could require different material. Health Science Masters programs require a minimum of a bachelors degree for entry, but specific programs such as the MPH may look for applicants with undergraduate coursework in statistics and psychology. Doctorate Health Science programs could require students to have earned a Masters degree in the same field of study. Some programs, such as the DHA could also require students to complete a background check. A glance at a health science grad school’s admission page could enable you to prepare your paperwork, then take advantage of digital tools to more easily apply.

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