Iowa Health Informatics Grad Schools

Health informatics grad schools offer programs that teach how to simplify the transfer of digital medical documents. Courses cover basic medical practices with the goal of developing students’ understanding of health professionals’ routines.

Classes then instruct students how to create computer systems. Combining these two fields could help students create complementary computer systems to address concerns in the medical field.

Health Informatics Grad Schools: Degree Options

Healthcare IT graduate schools may offer masters, graduate certificate, and doctoral degree program options. Below are some of the basics about earning these degrees.

  • A masters in health informatics program offers classes to enhance transition-of-care systems. These systems are used whenever a patient’s information is sent from one department to another.
    Courses could include information management, telecommunications, and patient recordkeeping. Students could further concentrate their studies into fields like dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing informatics.
  • Health informatics graduate certificate programs are often shorter because they build on students’ previous IT knowledge. Usually, students are required to have earned a bachelors degree in IT or a related field prior to applying. In health informatics graduate certificate programs more time could be devoted to advanced topics in health IT.
    Courses could include biomedical ethics, medical reimbursement, and healthcare computer systems.
  • Health Informatics PhD programs are designed to help students perform their own research to enhance the health IT field. Classes look to develop students' understanding of different trends in health informatics. Students could then apply this knowledge to design complementary computer systems for different parts of the healthcare field. 
    Courses might cover topics like
  • biostatistics, biomedical datamining, and electronic health recordkeeping.

It’s important to note that health informatics graduate programs may require students to take part in an internship before graduating. These requirements vary by school. Speak with possible health informatics grad schools for more internship details.

Degrees offered may vary between healthcare IT graduate schools. Be sure to speak with possible programs to get all of the details.

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