Canada Graduate Campus Programs in Graphics Design & Multimedia Schools

Every day we see the work of graphic designers—in magazines, on websites, on billboards, and on television. You are passionate about sharing your art with the world, so a graphic design graduate program may be the best next step for you. Working in an on-campus graphic design school can help you hone the skills and develop technical abilities that may set you on the type of exciting and artistic career path you’ve been looking for.

Graphic designers create images, either by hand or on computers with design software, that are used in advertising, marketing, and entertainment. If you’re interested in a master’s program, there are different degrees to consider, such as Masters of Media Studies Program or a Masters of Communications Design degree. Doctorate degrees are available, such as a Doctorate in Textiles or a Doctorate in Interdivisional Media Arts + Practice (iMAP). There are even graphic design graduate certificates available, like Interactive Multimedia Development (Adv. Certificate) or a Graduate Certificate in Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging.

While enrolled in an on-campus graphic design grad school, you’ll be surrounded by other artists who feel as passionately about creating powerful images as you do. You’ll have the opportunity to study graphic design skills hands-on with professors and discuss techniques with peers. You may even want to consider studying graphic design abroad, in an exciting and unfamiliar country. If you’ve always wanted to hone your artistic abilities to create art as your career, start exploring graphic design graduate programs today!