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Thinking about a Graphic Arts or Multimedia Graduate Program? We see evidence of the graphic design industry every day—in magazines, on billboards, on websites, and on television. The work of graphic designers stimulates people through their art, so if you want to create art as a career, explore the hybrid graphic design graduate programs on GradSchools. The job of graphic designers is to use visual art in advertising, marketing, and entertainment, often creating the art on computers and sometimes by hand.

A hybrid graphic design graduate program combines the best of both the online learning and on-campus college worlds. Online learning allows students to study and do coursework on their schedule, around their jobs or family time. The on-campus element connects you with other artists and professors who are also passionate about graphic design and art.

Interested in a hybrid master’s program in graphic design? There are hybrid master’s such as a Hybrid MFA in Graphic Design, certificate, and doctorate programs available, focused on preparing students with the right knowledge and honing their skills to set them on a graphic design career path. Are you ready to take the next step in your future? Enhance your education and look towards your future by searching hybrid graphic design programs today!

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