Graphic Design Graduate Programs & Graphic Design Graduate Schools

Why consider a Graduate Program in Graphic Design? We see evidence of the graphic design industry every day—on billboards, in magazines, on websites, and on television. If ...

you want to stimulate people through your visual work, look into the many graphic design graduate programs that hone an artist’s skills needed for this visually exciting career path at a graphic design grad school.

Graphic Design Graduate Programs

Graphic Design Grad School Programs

Graphic designers create the images, mostly on computers but also by hand, that go into advertising, entertainment, and marketing. There are different degree levels associated with graphic design graduate programs, like the certificate, masters, and doctorate levels. Through our search, you can browse graphic design grad school degrees like a Masters of Media Studies Program, a Masters of Fine Arts in Media Design, or a Graduate Certificate Graphic Design Program.

Masters in Graphic Design

A Masters in Graphic Design is typically a two year program designed to help students develop their ability to communicate ideas through words and pictures. Students might take courses in design theory and methods, media illustration, commercial packaging design and more. In addition to lectures, students may participate in workshops, computer labs and submit a final project or thesis. Most masters in graphic design programs require students to hold a bachelors degree and submit a portfolio of work. However schools vary, so follow up for details.

Graduate Certificate in Graphic Design Programs

Graduate certificates in graphic design are shorter, non degree programs. These typically focus on one core area in the field. Certificates available in this discipline include an Interactive Multimedia Development (Adv. Certificate) and a Graduate Certificate in Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging.

Doctorate in Graphic Design

Though less common, there are doctorate degrees in graphic design. Many of these programs are research focused, rather than highlighting the practical application of graphic design. Therefore, these programs may have a dissertation requirement and require students to hold a masters degree. Contact schools to learn more.

How to Find the Right Graphic Design Graduate Programs

Besides searching by degree level, graphic design graduate programs are also searchable by location and learning type. Maybe you want to study strictly online. Maybe the campus experience captures your interest. Maybe you want a combination of both online and campus, such as a hybrid graphic design graduate program. The point of enhancing your education is to embark on the career path you want. So start your search for the perfect graphic design grad school to get on the right path today