Iowa Campus-Based General Education Graduate Degree Programs

General Education Graduate Degree on-campus programs offer students the opportunity to take traditional classes with a community of educators. If you aspire to work as a teacher, scholar, or administration professional in the field of education, a graduate degree is likely necessary[i], and what better way to deepen your knowledge than in an institution of higher learning! General education grad programs focus on research, writing, supervision and pedagogical skills and often have an interdisciplinary context. This may suit those interested in teacher preparation or those who want to qualify for new roles within the field of education itself.

General Education Graduate Degree On-Campus Programs: Essentials

Admission protocol for universities with General Education Graduate Degree Programs is likely to vary. Some programs are intended for the student who holds an undergraduate degree in education, while others are geared for the student or teacher who is already in education but seeking an advanced degree. Also, you may find education graduate programs that require students to have a valid preliminary teaching credential while others may offer credentialing or are designed for practicing educators who hold a master’s degree program from a regionally accredited institution.

FUN FACT: Education Teachers at the postsecondary level teach courses pertaining to education, (e.g. counseling, curriculum, guidance, instruction, teacher education, and teaching English as a second language. (BLS)[ii]

Licensing and Certification

Keep in mind as you search for a General Education Graduate Degree about state licensing requirements. You may live in one state, but if you plan to practice in another, fill yourself in on state laws. For instance, in the case of special education teachers, in order to become fully certified, some states require teachers to complete a master’s degree in special education[iii]. In the case of kindergarten teachers, some states require all teachers to earn a master’s degree after receiving their teaching certification.[iv] Your best resource is your state’s education department, and of course, request information from any prospective education graduate school – you can simply use the green tab under the description of each degree straight from the site.


The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is considered the professional accrediting body for teacher preparation by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Teaching is, as mentioned, a field where licensing and certification matters, so make sure to determine whether you need an accredited program for the career you have in mind.

About General Education

Education is a vast field with many potential career paths. A general education graduate program allows students to study education policy, curriculum development, leadership, and teaching methods and theories. General programs may have a core curriculum around which students are able to choose an area of concentration, while specialized programs may delve into one aspect of education in a comprehensive way, such as a Master of Education in Education: Problem-Based Learning/Critical Skills – one of our sponsored listings.

Why Choose an On-Campus Education Grad Degree?

Students who appreciate in-person learning and face-to-face interaction are likely to gravitate traditional on-campus General Education Graduate Degree programs. Here are a few points to consider in favor of the traditional learning method:

  • While online programs are lauded as being ‘convenient’, many graduate schools actually offer courses during the evenings or weekends, so if you are currently working, you may actually find studying on-campus convenient as well.
  • Also, not all programs lend themselves to a web-based format; there are some subjects that are best taught through demonstration, engagement, feedback and group projects.
  • If your goal is to teach at the postsecondary level, graduate students gain teaching experience by working as graduate teaching assistants—students who are enrolled in an education grad program and teach classes in the institution in which they are enrolled[v].
  • Students who enroll in campus-based programs have access to university facilities and other college activities and services.

Take the Next Step makes it easy to find graduate schools by location; use the city, state or country tabs to find General Education Graduate Degrees in your preferred area.  Refine by program level (certificate, PhD, Master’s). Some of the sponsored listings include Initial Education Administration (EdS), M.S. in Education, and M.A. in Education with Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. There are many options to suit the needs of learners and educators; initiate your search to find the graduate school and graduate degree in general education that aligns with your vocational and academic goals.

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