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Are you interested in a career-focused program within the field of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies? Have you graduated from a forensic science bachelors degree? If so, you may find that Forensic Science Graduate Programs open up some interesting professional avenues, as well as is a fascinating academic path.

Forensic graduate programs could have you studying the scientific method of assembling and examining information about the past that is then used in a court of law, business, medicine and more.

Careers in Forensic Science

Careers in Forensic Science

Forensic Science Graduate Programs Options

Depending on which type of forensic science you wish to practice, different Forensic Science Degrees and curriculums could help prepare you to enter this broad field. Someone with a graduate degree in Forensic Science may find work in criminalistics, digital forensics, or business. They might also focus on a specific application or area, such as dental work, pathology, toxicology, or physical anthropology.

It is good to keep this in mind when you are looking into Forensic Science Programs. Different forensics schools may offer different specialities. Consider your goals, then read course lists and program descriptions to find forensic graduate programs that could meet your needs.

Choose a Program Format for Your Forensic Science Degree

Are you looking to study Forensic Science on a college campus? You could take advantage of school labs, equipement, libraries and more. You can begin with a location search to determine which  Forensic Science Graduate Programs are offered in your preferred state.

Or would you prefer to earn an Online Degree in Forensic Science? This way you could attend programs across the country, right from the comfort of your home. Use our Program Type filter to customize your list.

Choose From Forensic Masters Programs, Doctorate of Forensic Medicine, or Forensic Science Certifications

Next, refine your search by pinpointing the Degree level, whether Graduate Certificate, Masters, or Doctorate. For instance, you could work towards a Master of Science in Criminal Justice-Forensic Science Degree, a Doctorate of Forensic Medicine, or a Forensic Document Examination Graduate Certificate. Below is a bit more about one of the most common options, a masters degree in forensic science, to get you started.

Masters in Forensic Science Programs

A masters degree in forensic science may be offered by a Masters in Forensic Science program, or as a specialization within a Masters of Criminal Justice program. Either option might cover core principles of forensic science, such as toxicology, post mortem analysis, biological evidence, legal procedures and data interpretation and analysis. They also both often come in the form of an MS degree. However a criminal justice program with a focus on forensics may focus primarily on applications of forensic science in the justice system and have additional core courses that provide a foundation in other areas of the criminal justice field. Forensic masters programs, meanwhile, may jump into forensic science coursework right away and examine other uses, such as in business or medicine.

Most masters in forensic science programs combine coursework with lab work and practicums or internships to provide hands on practice. Students may take part in mock casework or moot court. They may also explore specific applications of forensics through electives or program tracks.

Students typically complete forensic masters programs after 2 years of full time study. However every school sets their own curriculum and requirements so it's best to contact forensics schools directly to learn more.

Begin Your Search for Forensic Graduate Programs

Start looking into all your possibilities and comparing forensic schools today! Review masters in forensic science programs or forensics PhD programs using the degree level filter. Or search for campus based or online forensic science graduate programs by choosing a format. When you find one that interests you, follow the link to fill out a simple online form. You'll be one step to closer enrolling in a forensic graduate program that's great for you.

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