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Do you find that the arts are a major part of your life? Do you need to paint on a daily basis? Or perform? Or film? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider an online fine arts design graduate degree program. This degree program could help you hone the skills and develop the knowledge that may be needed to shape your craft – with the added bonus of having the assistance of industry professionals.

Fine Arts Online Graduate Programs

Among a community of like-minded peers, you may find new inspiration to grow, along with your craft, as you tap into new techniques hereto left unexplored by your studies. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there’s a lot to say about an online fine arts design graduate degree program. Keep reading to learn more about Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs.

Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs​: What is “Fine Art?”

The term “fine arts” is a general term that encompasses many artistic endeavors. It could include everything from commonly thought-of mediums such as painting and drawing, to some fields you might not think of: film, performing arts, and video game design.

Still a little confused? “Fine arts” may be described as any degree concentration that aims to produce a product to be enjoyed because of its aesthetic, beauty, or entertainment value.

What Might I Learn in an Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Degree Program?

With so many concentrations falling under the term of “fine arts,” it might be hard to state general curriculum that students participating in an online fine arts design graduate degree program might engage with. That being said, some common themes and goals might be seen: the development of new, refined techniques, elevation of previous methods, and incorporation of different approaches into students’ forms.

Pursuing an Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Degree Program: Post-Grad Basics

With the term “fine arts” touching on so many different artistic genres, it’s only appropriate that there are as many – if not more – career options. Depending on your intended Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs, you could possibly pursue some of the following careers:

  • Museum Curator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Animator[i]
  • Professional Musician[ii]
  • Dancer [iii]
  • Actor[iv]
  • Fine Artist[v]

These careers are not only available for you to pursue, but might also see some possible beneficial growth in the future, potentially making the field more accessible for recent graduates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics project the following possible growth for the listed careers from 2014 to 2024:

  • Fine Artist – 2%[vi]
  • Actor – 10%[vii]
  • Dancer – 5%[viii]
  • Museum Curator – 7%[ix]

Additionally, potential salaries might also be of interest to the perspective student. While the varying nature of these possible careers makes it difficult to pinpoint exact numbers that comprehensively reflect the above industries, when taking artists and related workers into consideration, they earned a median salary of $58,450 in May of 2015.[x]

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the incomes of artists are often tied with the economy – when there is a surplus, people are more likely to make art purchases.[xi]

Which Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Degree Program may be a Perfect Fit for You?

With an incredible amount of degree concentrations offered, it’s no wonder there are a lot of degree program offerings, as well! With so many to potentially choose from, it’s important to keep in mind your own personal education goals so that you might choose a perfect degree for you. Don’t forget degree program levels! A graduate certificate program may be better suited for someone newly exploring the arts industry, while a doctoral degree program may be appropriate for someone who already has some graduate fine arts experience.

Online Fine Arts Design Master’s Degree Programs

MFA or MA?

As you begin your research, you may notice that fine arts design master’s degree programs are often offered in two formats: master of fine arts and master of arts.

A master of fine arts could be a great choice for students who want to focus on developing their techniques in their chosen medium. These programs aim at giving students the skills and knowledge that may be necessary for them to elevate their craft. On the other hand, a master of arts focuses more on the academic side of the art world. Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs may be more geared towards helping to prepare students to pursue roles as critics, curators, or art admins by emphasizing scholastic research, analysis, and critique.

Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs​:From Admissions to Graduation

While the array of concentrations makes it difficult to pull out many overarching generalities, when it comes to admission requirements the variations are mainly seen with supplementary material. When applying, students may be required to supply a 2.5 to 3.0 undergraduate GPA with their application. Depending on your concentration, you may find that you are required to submit materials such as portfolios, audition recordings, or specific works in addition to your application.

Completion time also differs with the intensity and requirements of the various concentrations. On average, students may expect to complete Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs in anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Students may also be required to complete and present a capstone project as part of their graduation requirements. This could include anything from a gallery showing, to a recital, to a fully-staged performance.

What Online Fine Arts Design Master’s Degree Program may be Great for You?

For each concentration in the fine arts, there’s probably an online fine arts design master’s degree program. That leaves you with a lot of potential choices! Finding one that aligns with your passion could be as easy as reading some of the below Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs offerings:

  • Master of arts in museum studies degree programs could give a budding museum professional the skills and knowledge they need to be competitive in their field. Programs focus on the practical skills and knowledge students may need in a career post-graduation: emphasizing new technological museum enhancements, business models for a changing economic climate, and improving the educational benefits of exhibits.
  • A master of music degree program is typically found in two forms, breaking down into performance or education concentrations. Students in performance concentrations do exactly what the name entails: they practice their performance capabilities to improve their ability on their chosen primary instrument.  Education concentrations focus more on the academic side of musicality, and sharing that knowledge with the next generation through teaching techniques. Some common curriculum between the two degree programs may be music theory and history.
  • The master of science in information technology – game design and development could prepare students to pursue the growing field of game design. Studies focus on honing necessary skills and knowledge for the industry: this could include developing artificial intelligence, information networking, database creation, and application development. With these skills and knowledge base, students could be able to tackle a wide arrange of obstacles faced daily in the gaming field.
  • A master of fine arts in studio art is probably the degree program you think of when you imagine “fine arts.”  This degree program is designed to help students develop skills by having them engage with their medium on a daily basis. Along with professor help and critique, this degree program could help students engage with new techniques, classical forms, and constructive criticism. Students may be encouraged to present their works in a formal setting as a capstone project in order to graduate.

Don’t see Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs that lines up with your interests? Browse the links at the bottom of this page to see even more degree program offerings.

Online Fine Arts Design Doctoral Degree Programs

From Admissions to Graduation:

Much like the master’s degree programs, fine arts design doctoral degree programs vary wildly due to the differing requirements of the concentrations. In terms of general admission requirements, programs may ask for the submission of a 3.0 or higher undergraduate or master’s GPA in addition to GRE test scores. Students may also be requested to submit supplements such as portfolios or auditions depending on their specific concentration. Some programs may also require previous experience in your intended field – for example, through an undergraduate program. This makes doctoral programs ideal for students who have already begun their artistic journey and are looking to further hone their craft.

Depending on concentration, the intensity of the Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs, and the graduation requirements, you might expect to graduate within 1 to 7 years.

What Online Fine Arts Design Doctoral Degree Program is Perfect for You?

There are no shortages of fine arts doctoral degree programs. Below are a few common Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs you may find:

  • The doctorate of musical arts degree program is a more intense version of its master’s counterpart. Like the master’s degree program, the PhD program is split up among several concentrations such as choral and instrumental conduction, music education, and performance studies. No matter which concentration you choose, you should expect to study high level applications of music history, theory, and technique.
  • A doctorate in art history degree program could be a great choice if you’re considering pursuing a career as a curator post-graduation. These programs aim to develop your knowledge of a particular region or style of art so that you may act as an expert in that field.
  • A doctorate of fine arts encapsulates many different mediums in its degree program: it could tackle anything from theatre, to film, to studio art – and it doesn’t stop there. This program focuses on giving students the opportunity to practice the skills needed for their art, under the watchful eye and tutelage of industry professionals.

Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Certificate Degree Programs

What if you don’t have your undergraduate degree in fine arts design? Or what if you’re looking to change your career? You might want to consider an online fine arts design graduate certificate degree program. Since graduate certificate programs might not require an undergraduate degree in the same field, admissions are often more accessible than other graduate programs. Additionally, application supplements may not be required.  Usually certificate programs require the submission of undergraduate transcripts for application.

Since course curriculum is abbreviated, covering only necessary courses, students may expect to complete the graduate certificate program in around 1 year. Program lengths vary by school.  Some common certificate programs are:

  • The advanced certificate in museum studies may prepare students to pursue a career as a museum professional post-graduation. Courses may focus on giving you practical experience in a museum setting. 
  • A graduate certificate in 3-D animation could prepare students to pursue a career as an animator in fields such as film, commercials, or game design. Students could tackle vital skills necessary for the growing field of 3-D modeling. Topics could include lighting, animation surfacing, and special effects compositing.

These are just a few of the many fine arts design graduate programs available. Browse Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs listings to learn more about your potential options.

Why Pursue an Online Graduate Degree Program?

Beginning an education could be a daunting task, especially if you have other priorities outside of the classroom. An online fine arts design graduate degree program could be your answer! The online education format might be convenient because classes do not have a scheduled time. Students log into their courses as their time allows to complete necessary coursework. This flexible schedule may allow you to easily incorporate your education into your busy routine. This degree program format could be great for students who are interested in pursuing a concentration in art history, curation, and programming: these programs may not require the hands-on instruction other degree concentrations find necessary. Afraid you might miss out on some of the traditional, physical campus experience?  You may have access to streamed lectures provided by your school, so you could tap into the on-campus experience from your own living room!

Find a Perfect Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Degree Program Today!

A perfect online fine arts design graduate degree program could be a few clicks away. Ready to take your artistic passion to the next level? Select your preferred degree program from the drop down menus to browse a list of Online Fine Arts Design Graduate Programs links. If you see one that catches your interest, follow the link and request more information. With this at your fingertips, you could find a perfect online fine arts design graduate degree program today!

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