California Fine Arts Colleges and Art Graduate Schools

Most Fine Art Universities offer unique on-campus fine arts graduate degrees where artists have access to many resources. For their artistic and networking endeavors, students might use facilities such as student studios, lounges, and exhibition spaces. To research and write, most fine art universities have libraries, labs, computer complexes, darkrooms, and studios. These factors, plus an art graduate school’s unique programs of study may help you narrow down where to go for your graduate degree in fine arts.

On-Campus Fine Arts Graduate Degrees

Fine Art universities offer Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Master of Arts (MA), and PhD level courses of study. Since not every fine arts school offers the same programs, you can start a search at the degree level. Degrees you can pursue include:

  • The MFA degree is a top-level, professional graduate degree in visual arts. While for some it may be the continuation of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), others might apply with a Bachelors degree, portfolio of work, and school-specific material.
  • The DFA (Doctor of Fine Arts) is often more of an honorary award for a person’s contribution to the art world, but if you are interested in a research-based doctorate, PhD in Arts programs span art history and other disciplines.
  • Graduate Certificates in Fine Arts offer thematic coursework that may provide take-away techniques or refine talents.  

Choose an Area of Study in the Fine Arts

In what area of study do you want to earn your fine arts graduate degree? Fine arts universities offer unique program options, faculty you may want to mentor with, or internships in the local community (e.g. museum, art gallery etc.). Areas of study include:

  • Visual Arts
  • Interdisciplinary Arts
  • Modern Arts and the Art Market
  • Studio and Digital Arts
  • Illustration
  • Art and Culture
  • Art History


Fine Art Universities by Location

Find fine art universities that are walkable from work, a drive or train ride away, or a totally new adventure. Use the on-page tools to filter degree programs by city, state, or country. Then, contact the fine arts universities with one click. Paint a bright future with a fine arts graduate degree!

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