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Art history graduate programs could provide a solid background in the fascinating field of art history and include art history masters programs, art history phd programs and certificates. Students may develop an in depth understanding of the arts and explore topics such as art techniques, art markets and art criticism. Art history grad school might also offer the opportunity to explore a specific time period, culture or medium in depth. Examples include contemporary art, Asian art, and the decorative arts.

art history graduate programs

Many art history graduate programs integrate classroom study with internships, research and hands on work with pieces of art. This could help students prepare to pursue careers in art galleries, arts administration, research, museums and other arts and cultural organizations.

Types of Art History Graduate Programs

Art history grad schools may have many different kinds of graduate degrees to choose from, depending on your goals and the career path you’re hoping to pursue.

Popular Art History Masters Programs


Degree Awarded


Master of Arts – Modern & Contemporary Art & the Market



Master of Arts in Art History



Master of Science – History of Art & Design



Art History Masters Programs

Art History Masters programs may lead to a Master of Science (MS) or Master of Arts (MA) degree. Students are typically required to complete 30 to 45 credits. Masters in Art History programs may offer courses in many areas of world art to provide a strong art history foundation. Others might allow students to concentrate on a specific location, time period or style of art. In addition to coursework, some programs may have internship or research requirements. Schools vary.

Graduates of art history masters programs may be prepared to pursue careers as art historians or in museums, libraries, auction houses and galleries. Others may choose to continue their studies at the doctorate level.

Art History PhD Programs

Those seeking advanced study and research opportunities might consider Art History Phd programs. These programs may allow students to purse independent research in their area of interest. PhD students might take courses in research practices and methodologies to support these efforts, as well as art history. Most PhD Art History programs then require students to complete and defend a dissertation and pass final exams. Some programs may also have a language requirement. While program length depends on past experience, enrollment and program requirements, most full time students could expect to earn a Art History Phd degree in 4-5 years of full time study.

To apply to an Art History Phd program, schools typically require students to hold an MA in Art History or related area. They may also look for the completion of prerequisite courses with a minimum GPA, relevant test scores and studio or research experience. However programs vary, so contact schools for details.

Graduate Certificate in Art History

Graduate certificates in art history are shorter, non degree programs. They may provide an introduction to art history, or explore a specific aspect of the field in depth, such as with the Graduate Certificate in Conservation or Museum Studies. Certificates may be perfect for art professionals looking to deepen their expertise, or those not yet ready to commit to a full degree program.

Narrow Your Search by Location, MA Art History Programs or PhD Art History Programs might help you find the art history graduate program that you’re looking for. You can filter your search by master’s degree, graduate certificate or PhD. Or you can look for art history grad schools by location, which makes it easy to find a program anywhere in the world!

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