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A hybrid art history graduate degree combines the best aspects of an online degree with the benefits of access to a campus. Hybrid art history graduate programs deepen your knowledge and understanding the fascinating field of art and often include studies in architecture or art markets. Hybrid graduate art history programs can lead to a wide range of jobs in place like museums, galleries and auction houses.

Hybrid graduate programs in art history provide all the flexibility of an online degree, making it much easier to set your own schedule and choose the most comfortable setting. Plus with a hybrid degree you get more access to your instructors and campus amenities. You’ll also find it easier to socialize and network with your peers.

If you’re looking to get a hybrid art history graduate degree, you have a lot of options. You can get a low-residency M.A. in Art & Social Engagement or PhD in Art History, Conservation or Museum Studies. Just starting out in the field? You could earn a Graduate Certificate in Art History.

We can simplify your search for a hybrid art history graduate program. Just filter your search by the type of degree, master’s, certificate or doctorate. Then you can filter your search by location to find a hybrid degree pretty much anywhere in the world!

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