Fashion, Retail & Merchandising Graduate Programs & Schools

Are you drawn to an education in the business side of fashion? Do you have an eye for style? If so, a Fashion Retail Merchandising program can lead to a variety of careers ...

within the fashion industry. Fashion merchandising is a general term that can describe the business aspect of the fashion industry, combining a love for the artistic and design aspects with the ability to promote and generate revenues.

When starting out a search for a fashion retail merchandising degree, you can use the location tabs to indicate a city, state, or country where you are hoping to find fashion retail merchandising grad programs.

Otherwise, refine your search by keying in the degree type you are hoping to pursue. Browse options such as a Doctorate in Clothing and Textiles, a Doctorate in Textile and Clothing Sciences, or a Doctorate Department of Consumer Affairs. At the Masters level, you can look through for an MFA Fashion Design and Society or Textile History/Quilt Studies, M.A. And, consider developing new skills with Fibers and Textiles Graduate Certificate or a Graduate Certificate in Silversmithing, Jewelry and Allied Crafts. Or search for Online Graduate Programs in Fashion Retail Merchandising.

With so many options for a Fashion Retail Merchandising Degree, start your search now and pinpoint the right course of study for your higher education!

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