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Are you looking for great TESOL and ESL graduate programs? Want to earn your TESOL master’s degree, doctorate, or master’s certificate in a convenient on-campus program? If you’re passionate about helping students build their fluency in English, helping them to be successful in English-speaking communities, a TESOL graduate degree might be the perfect choice for you. Whether you’re currently teaching English Language Learners (ELLs), or if you’re looking to move your career in that direction, great On Campus ESL and TESOL Graduate Programs might be out there for you.

Why Choose On Campus ESL and TESOL Graduate Programs

Whether you learn best in the structured environment of a traditional classroom, want to take advantage of the benefits of a physical campus, or just like the environment there best, earning your TESOL graduate degree on campus may have a number of benefits for you. Whether you want an option that is local and easily commutable from home or work, or want to study on a campus in an exciting new place, you might be able to find great programs that meet your needs.

Whether you’re studying on a local campus or somewhere new, if you enroll in a graduate program on a physical campus, you might be able to take advantage of facilities like libraries and technology labs, and services like academic counseling, career counseling, academic assistance, social and networking activities, and more. You might become a part of the campus community, and get to interact with your professors and collaborate with your peers in person.

Additionally, with the increasing role technology plays in higher education, some on-campus programs are offering online courses alongside their on-campus ones, bringing an additional element of flexibility to the campus program.

Choosing Great TESOL Graduate Programs

If you’re looking into on campus TESOL and ESL graduate programs, you’ve probably noticed how many different options are out there. TESOL, which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, encompasses a number of different areas. Depending on your goals and preferences, you might be able to find a great on campus TESOL graduate program that supports those goals.

TESOL and ESL Graduate Programs Basics

TESOL encompasses a number of different education settings, types of classes and classrooms, and as such, you might find this variety reflected in the on campus TESOL graduate programs you are considering. Understanding the basics of each might help you to choose which program may be the best fit for you.

  • TESL, or Teaching English as a Second Language, is concerned with teaching students in the K-12 range whose first language is not English but who live in English-speaking communities like the United States. However, in some communities, this may be applied more broadly to include other settings outside the typical K-12 range.
  • TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This means teaching students whose first language is not English and who live in communities where the dominant language is not English (such as France or Japan, for example). This might be in an international school setting, an international university, with an organization, or even within an international corporation.
  • ESOL, or English to Speakers of Other Languages has a lot in common with TESL and in some communities may be used interchangeably. However, it frequently refers to adult learners and other classes outside the K-12 setting, such as in a community college or night school setting.

Another important consideration related to the above is whether you have a preference for a specific population or age group. While many programs may not focus on a particulate age, grade level, or setting, you might be able to find a program that might be suited for that particular interest or goal.

ESL and TESOL Graduate Programs Types

Identifying the particular focus of your preferred TESOL graduate programs isn’t the only part of the decision. You may still have to choose your preferred degree type. Whether you’re looking for master’s programs, doctoral programs, or at earning a graduate certificate, your preferred schools may award different types of degrees upon completion of their programs.

Earn Your Masters in TESOL 

If you’re ready to look into TESOL master’s programs and ESL master’s programs, you might already be working in the field, or you may be pursuing a new career. In both cases, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind when evaluating programs. For example, you might prefer a program that includes some kind of practical experience, like an internship or student teaching under a mentor or cooperating teacher. Or, if you intend to go on to earn your doctorate or are particularly interested in the process of education research, you might want to look into ESL master’s programs that include a thesis element.

Several different types of TESOL master’s degree programs may be available for consideration:

  • TESOL M.A. or M.S. programs might be offered by a variety of different schools and settings. The specifics of these programs might vary between individual programs and schools, so make sure to follow up with your preferred potential schools for more details.
  • TESOL M.A.T. programs (which stands for Master of Arts in Teaching) might focus on things like pedagogy, language acquisition, assessment, and other skills useful to teachers. The specifics may vary, so make sure to follow up with the schools and programs you are considering for additional details.
  • M.ED. TESOL programs might have elements in common with both the M.A./M.S. programs and the M.A.T. However, they might also take a slightly different perspective, looking into, among other things, the analysis and application of education research to help education settings be more effective for ELLs.

If you’re ready to get started reading up on what on-campus TESOL master’s programs are out there, make sure you ask for more details for each program you are considering, as they might vary.

TESOL and ESL Doctoral Programs

If you already hold your TESOL or ESL master’s degree, you might be looking into earning your doctorate. In general, these programs might vary on details depending on the course of study, the program, and the school. If you’re looking into a TESOL doctoral program, you might find yourself considering both Ph.D. programs and Ed.D. programs in particular.

Ph.D. programs, one of the more frequently offered doctoral program types in general, might be widely applicable for a variety of goals. Whether you are looking to enhance your current career, teach in a university setting, pursue research, consult, or do something else, a Ph.D. program might be a great fit. While the individual details are likely to vary, some of these programs may focus on performing and analyzing research, becoming familiar with the body of research within the field of TESOL, in addition to classroom and education strategies.

Some Ed.D. programs, meanwhile, might focus on the analysis and application of knowledge gained from research in an education setting, helping prepare students to make strategic decisions to improve the effectiveness of a classroom, school, or program for the success of ELLs. Again, the specifics might vary from program to program, so it’s important to follow up with your preferred schools for additional details.

TESOL Graduate Certificate Programs

If you’re looking to enhance your TESOL expertise, but are not currently looking to enroll in a full graduate degree program, you might be interested in earning a graduate certificate. A TESOL graduate certificate might allow you to study at the graduate level in your field or in a concentration of interest within your field without enrolling in a longer degree program.

Earning a graduate certificate in TESOL might allow you to study a particular concentration area, such as pedagogy, language acquisition, the needs of specific populations and cultural backgrounds, assessment, and other potential topics. As such, the specifics of each TESOL graduate certificate program might vary.

Find Great TESOL and ESL Graduate Programs and Schools

Are you ready to find a perfect on campus TESOL or ESL graduate program? If so, is here to help. If you need to narrow down your options a little more, you can add filters by selecting your preferred program level, and by selecting your preferred campus location. Once you’re happy with your selections, you can begin reading up on program options, and reach out to your favorites for more information or to get started. Don’t wait any longer to take the first step toward your TESOL graduate degree!

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