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If you are looking for a way to advance your education in environmental studies but a traditional campus program is not an option, consider Online Environmental Science Graduate Programs​ as an alternative. Environmental science is a pretty diverse field of study, with potential job opportunities in a number of different areas from manufacturing to policy making and teaching.

Online Environmental Science Doctorate Degree Programs

Online Enviromental Science Graduate Programs Curriculum

Depending on the school, an environmental science graduate program might draw on a variety of subjects. It integrates physical, biological, and information sciences such as ecology, physics, chemistry, oceanology, meteorology and biology to study the environment or solve problems affecting it.

Specific coursework in online environmental science graduate programs will vary, but students might reasonably expect to explore topics including:

  • Sustainability
  • Energy and Resources
  • Conservation
  • Water Resources
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Law

Potential Career Opportunities for Graduates of Online Environmental Science Graduate Programs

Potential career opportunities for environmental scientists are varied. Enviromental scientists might be found working in laborotories, boardrooms, and in the field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, environmental scientists and specialists held about 94,600 jobs in the united states in 2014, and they were employed in many different industires.

2014 Employment of Environmental Scientists By Industry
Industry of Employment Number of Enviromental Scientists and Specialists Employed in Industry 2014
Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services23%
State Government22%
Local Government13%
Engineering Services10%
Federal Government6%

Career Fact: Fieldwork can be demanding, environmental scientists are often expected to work outdoors in all types of weather. They may also be required to travel to conduct experiments, meet with clients, or present findings.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, Enviromental Scientists and Specialists reported a median annual salary of $67,460, and jobs were projected to grow by 11% between 2014 and 2024, which is faster than the average of all other occupations.

Is an Online Environmental Science Graduate Program Right for You?

Typically, online environmental science graduate programs allow students to log into their classes via a course management system, making it accessible whenever you are able to fit study in. Digital tools such as online libraries make research possible as well as help to maintain contact with professors and classmates. If the thought of learning through mediated communication modes intimidates you, it might be a good idea to explore your options for earning a graduate degree in environmental science on campus.

If this sounds like a fit, start searching on Some of the choices might include Online Master of Natural Resource Stewardship, or Online Master of Science in Environmental Studies.

If you aspire to any type of career with an environmental focus, a solid graduate education in Environmental Science may be what propels you forward as the next generation of innovators, problem solvers and protectors of the environment and human health. Look into environmental science online schools with the help of today!


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