Louisiana Campus Marine Science Graduate Programs & Schools

Marine Science graduate programs on campus prepare students for exciting careers devoted to expert analysis of aquatic life. Marine Scientists work in various settings—typically in and alongside bodies of water (from lakes to wetlands to oceans)—to study and protect aquatic environments and their inhabitants. They commonly work for governmental, non-profit, academic, and private institutions.

Within Marine Biology, there are numerous options for specialization. Marine Biology graduate programs, especially those on campus, help professionals specialize in areas such as spatial planning, habitat protection, oceanography, tropical environments, or fishing science under the close guidance of a skilled professor. Marine Biology graduate schools on campus also enable marine scientists to study in depth the subjects they find most interesting and relevant while working directly with classmates, professors, and even professionals in the field. On-campus options can be perfect for people who prefer an in-person and hands-on experience.

One of the most popular sectors of the vast field of Marine Science is Oceanography. You can discover the best Oceanography graduate programs for you by using our “By Location” and/or “Campus” filters. Through those tools, you can find Oceanography graduate schools located near oceans in which you want to work (and play).

While oceanography is quite popular, ultimately, when it comes to on-campus graduate programs in Marine Biology, you have lots of options. To find the best Marine Science graduate programs for you, consider what you want to study and then use our “Campus” filter to find options. Once you’ve found the perfect program for you, enjoy working directly with your classmates and professors to earn your Marine Science graduate degree.

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