Conservation Biology Graduate Programs

Conservation biology is the scientific study of protecting, maintaining and restoring natural environments, habitats and wildlife. Professionals in the field may be responsible for duties such as analyzing current environmental situations including animal and plant populations, studying environmental degradation and causes, creating methods for improving and helping to restore ecosystems, and consulting with government, conservation agencies and industries to create land and water management plans.

Conservation Biology Graduate Programs

Conservation Biology Graduate Programs

Wondering what types of conservation graduate programs are available to choose from? There are various areas and levels of study within conservation biology including,a Master of Biological Sciences, a Master of Conservation Biology or a MS in Environmental Studies. If you are looking for a PhD instead of a masters degree, you may be interested in a Doctorate in Biosphere Conservation or a PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology.

And GradSchools will help you simplify your search! Just filter by degree for masters programs in conservation biology or conservation biology PhD doctorate programs. Not ready to commit to a degree program? Consider a Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology.

Now, where would you like to study? Filter your search by location to look for conservation biology graduate programs in your area—or find schools around the world that offer conservation graduate programs. Just set your parameters and browse the possibilities. It just takes minutes and you can find the perfect conservation graduate program for you!

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  • Colorado State University

  • California State University, Los Angeles

  • University of California - Riverside

  • Central Michigan University

  • University of Alberta

  • University of Central Florida

  • University of Connecticut

  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

  • Arizona State University

  • Idaho State University

  • Queen's University, Ontario, Canada

  • Texas A&M University

  • University of New Orleans

  • University of Wyoming

  • University of Vermont