Los Angeles Campus Botany and Plant Science Graduate Programs & Schools

Campus botany graduate programs are for students interested in a possible career working in the biological sciences with an emphasis on plant life. Botanists study the nature and role of plants in our world. If you love plants, a graduate degree in botany is a great academic path that can combine intellectual passions with a graduate degree. Botany and plant science degree programs prepare professionals for potential work in companies, agriculture, education, and government agencies. A botany degree from an on-campus graduate program may develop your knowledge and skills for a possible career as a botanist.

There are a number of campus graduate programs in botany and plant science that can meet your career goals. You can select a botany degree program with a part-time or full-time schedule and one with master and doctorate degree options. Graduate certificates in botany are another academic path for you to explore. In a botany graduate program, you can pursue an on-campus Masters of Science in Entomology, an on-campus Masters in Plant Physiology, or a doctorate in Agronomy and Soil Science. A graduate degree in botany and plant sciences may, when combined with field experience, lead to a career in teaching. In all of these campus graduate programs, you will take traditional classes with other students and faculty in a setting ideal for networking and learning in a community environment.

Whatever your passion is in the field of botany, you can find a graduate program to meet your career goals by using GradSchools filters to search programs by location, degree type, and program type. Explore the different options for earning a degree in botany and take the first steps toward your studies at an accredited college and university today!

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