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Environmental Science Graduate Programs Overview

If you aspire to a career with an environmental focus, and have a passion for math, sciences and even engineering, ...

Environmental Science graduate programs might be a great way to prepare for your future.

What is Environmental Science?

As a field of study, environmental science is interdisciplinary. Environmental graduate degrees integrate physical, biological, and information sciences such as ecology, physics, chemistry, oceanology, meteorology and biology to learn about the environment or solve environmental problems.

Environmental scientists are problem solvers, and research environmental and health problems to determine their causes and come up with solutions, such as protecting the environment, or cleaning up pollution.

Environmental Science Graduate Programs

Using the search tools on GradSchools.com it is easy to review you options for environmental science grad schools with different programs. If location is an important consideration, use the city, state or country tabs to determine where you might study.

If learning format is important to you, you have choices whether you are looking for a traditional campus program or a distance-learning option. Busy professionals might choose a flexible format such as a hybrid or online Environmental Science graduate program.

Environmental Science Degree Options

Choose the program level tabs to browse certificate, masters and doctorate degrees in Environmental Science. For instance, you might want to earn a graduate certificate in Oceanography to enhance your current credentials. Environmental Masters programs offer the opportunity to deepen your education; you might consider a Master of Science in Environmental Studies, or a Master of Science in Environmental Studies: Conservation Biology. You can also choose to further your education through an Environmental PhD Program in Environmental Studies as well.

If your goal is to be the next inventor of alternative energy systems or on the forefront of finding solutions to the effects of global climate change, these vocational dreams need a solid education; start searching for graduate programs in Environmental Science on GradSchools.com today!