Alberta Environmental Management Graduate Programs & Schools

Environmental Management Graduate Programs explore ways to balance the needs of commerce and development with the sustainability of the environment, its resources and human health. Students pursuing a degree in environmental management are often able to select a concentration, such as sustainable development or environmental policy. Finding the appropriate environmental management degree program is easy with our comprehensive list of graduate schools.

Graduate Environmental Science Programs

Environmental management involves finding practical means for saving energy, water, and other materials to help preserve the natural environment and reduce negative impacts. Environmental managers are required to make sure industries or organizations comply with environmental regulations for things like waste, clean water, air quality and pollution. They typically play both a scientific and administrative role in the workplace.

Environmental Management Career Fact: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015 environmental scientists and specialists earned a median annual salary of $67,460.

Environmental Management Graduate Programs Potential Curriculum

Coursework in environmental management graduate programs is likely to vary among schools, however; students in environmental management graduate programs might reasonably expect to encounter coursework in topics including:

  • Environmental Systems
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Watershed Planning Management
  • Land Use Management
  • Technologies in Environmental Management

Some environmental management graduate programs might also offer dual degree options in project management, compliance, health and safety, and auditing.

Search for Environmental Management Graduate Programs on has easy to use search tools to help you review graduate level education in Environmental Management. A location search is a great way to find graduate schools with accredited programs by city, state or country. You also have learning format options, whether the traditional on-campus route, or a distance-learning program format such as online or hybrid; the former is completely web-based study, while the latter is a combination of campus and online courses.

Types of Environmental Management Degrees | Masters of Environmental Management | Doctorate of Environmental Management

You can then refine your search by Environmental Management Degree type. Browse by certificates, masters and doctorate level programs. Find listings such as a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences and Policy, MA in Environmental Conservation Education, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) graduate certificate, or a PhD in Resource Management.

If you are passionate about pursuing a career with an environmental focus, start looking through the directory to find the graduate program that aligns with your goals!

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