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Busy working professionals might find an Online Environmental Management Graduate Programs to be a convenient way to pursue advanced studies while maintaining an otherwise full schedule. Educational technology has advanced and now some of the best schools offer Environmental Management degrees online. This format typically allows students to schedule their coursework when they are able. Digital tools provide ways to submit assignments and research as well as stay connected to faculty.

Online Graduate Environmental Science Programs

As a field of study, environmental management involves finding practical means for saving resources such as energy, water, and other materials to help preserve the natural environment and reduce negative impacts both to ecosystems as well as to human health.

Natural resource management professionals are responsible for overseeing the environmental practices of organizations and for developing and monitoring environmental strategies and policies to promote sustainability. Some examples of the types of entities for which environmental managers may be employed include those in energy, utility, aerospace or federal construction.

Salary Potential for Graduates of Online Environmental Management Graduate Programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2015 median annual salary for enviromental scientists and environmental specialists was $67,460. Salaries vary according to location, industry, level of experience, and education. For example; environmental scientists working in the federal government reported median annual salaries of $99,260 in 2015, while those employed by state governments reported a 2015 median annual salary of $60,280.

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To review options for online graduate programs in Environmental Management you can use the program level tabs to find Graduate Certificates, masters and PhD online degrees. Some of these choices might include an online PhD in Environmental Policy and Management, or online MS in Environmental Policy.

Whatever your career or educational aspirations, if you are drawn to science and management, and need a flexible way to potentially attain your goals, start browsing through Online Environmental Management Graduate Programs today! 

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