Environmental Education Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

What is an environmental education graduate program?

If you are a holistic thinker, enjoy natural history, ecological principles, earth systems science and global environmental change, and are looking for a career-focused program as an educator; you should look into an Environmental Education Graduate Programs. Environmental educators translate the complex web of earth systems science, sustainability, environmental issues, and environmental change to the community. They assist people in becoming more sensitive to environmental change, and try to build a more ecologically literate community that makes decisions with the respect of the earth in mind. As well, someone with a Degree in Environmental Education would work toward solving the current environmental issues, while trying to prevent new problems through sustainable living methods. Some of the jobs that an Environmental Education Program can prepare you for can be for governments, National parks, schools, non-profit organizations, nature centers, or museums.

What to Expect From Environmental Education Graduate Programs

You can expect Environmental Education Graduate Programs to involve a curriculum that balances learning effective teaching methodologies with a foundation in environmental science. Ready to search for an accredited Environmental Education Graduate Degree Program? GradSchools.com makes the search simple for you. You can perform a location search to determine where programs are offered. Use the tabs and just enter a city, state or country then browse your results.

What Format of Environmental Education Programs Fits You

You can then decide what Program format suits you. Do you want to pursue your Degree in Environmental Education on campus or would you prefer the convenience of online study? Perhaps a Hybrid program format, which combines taking courses on a college campus with taking courses online, fits you.
Pinpoint the right Environmental Education Program by filtering results by Degree level – Masters, Doctorate or a Graduate Certificate. For example, earn an Environmental and Development Education Graduate Certificate, a Doctor of Education in Agricultural Education or a Master of Education in Environmental Education Degree.

What can I do with a master’s in environmental education?

Graduates can pursue careers in private schools, government land management organizations, environmental education research, or in land conservation organizations.

What work does an environmental educator do?

An environmental education officer works to teach others about environmental topics including in nature reserves, schools, and through nonprofits. These are only a few of your choices for Environmental Education Graduate Degree Programs. Start searching for the one that meets your vocational and academic goals now!