Graduate Programs in Agriculture in Milwaukee

Modern Agriculture Graduate Programs (AG Graduate Programs) address the managerial skills that are relevant to the agriculture industry. Course plans in an AG graduate program often melds topics that pertain to land, animals and natural resources with research and practical experiences.

These could include hands-on activities or observation in a garden, ranch or laboratory.

written by Rana Waxman

Agriculture Graduate Programs: Overview

AG Graduate Programs explore the business, science and production sides of food, land, plant, and nutrition. The study of agriculture is quite diverse these days, with hot topics such as poverty, famine, water, development economics, genetic modification, disease epidemics and sustainable production.

To respond to the myriad of issues, many agricultural graduates are involved in research in all these fields. An agricultural graduate school could thus be instrumental in helping participants learn how to conduct tests and apply data to problem solve in their technical area of expertise.

Types of Agriculture Degrees

Universities that offer agriculture degrees might confer a Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and/or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Agriculture Masters programs often feature required courses, electives, research methods and a thesis (or non-thesis option). PhD Agriculture programs emphasize research. Students thus typically intend to contribute original scholarly and/or scientific knowledge via a dissertation.

Graduate Certificates, while not as common, may be available through some graduate schools for agriculture, and usually target a slice of the larger agricultural discussion. While non-degree awards, students might enter a certificate program to enhance administrative ability or to learn a trade-related skill.

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