Connecticut Graduate Engineering Schools & On-Campus Engineering Degrees

There are a variety of Graduate Engineering Schools that offer Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) and Doctor of Engineering (Dr. Eng.) on-campus programs. Whether you are interested in finding a college campus close to home, out of state or abroad, attending class at Engineering college may be prove personally rewarding as well as build up your skills and knowledge base.

Graduate Engineering Schools: What to Look For

If you have taken a cursory glance on the Internet, the variety of Engineering Colleges and Graduate Engineering Schools is daunting. How does one sort through the various colleges with engineering degrees? You may also wonder why, if you already have a Bachelors in Engineering degree, should you take the time and resources to earn a Graduate Engineering Degree.  Both good questions.

DID YOU KNOW? 38% of Nano systems Engineers hold a Master’s Degree, 29% a Doctoral degree. This group includes Research[i].  

Why Consider a Graduate Engineering Degree?

Earning a graduate engineering degree might be a great way to find upward mobility in a current career or increase your earning power. For instance, wage premiums for civil engineers, mechanical engineers and engineering managers is about 13% higher for those who had earned their master’s degree.[ii]

Location: Choosing a Graduate School for Engineering

One of the things to consider when faced with all the Graduate Engineering schools available is where are you willing to go? A location search will pull up results of sponsored listings for engineering schools with graduate on campus programs so consider – are you willing to relocate? Would you prefer to attend class at an accredited college with an engineering degree close to home and possibly take class on evenings and weekends? Is it your dream to study out of the country?

Why Study Engineering On Campus?


the program formats available these days, you may be seeing both online and campus Graduate Engineering Schools. They are very different learning delivery methods. For one thing, studying on campus brings with it the opportunity to expand your circles of friends, professional colleagues and networks. Also, there is the chance to participate in various activities that may be related to your college, to engineering, or just give you other material for your resume. And then there is the actual learning, which is live and in-person. In fact, since you may be using the laboratory or understanding how to work with the latest technology, having access to all these resources onsite may be quite efficient for you.

Find an Accredited Engineering Graduate Program

Graduate Engineering Schools typically have programs that have been accredited by ABET. ABET is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation to provide quality assurance for post-secondary programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology. Presently, they have accredited approximately 3,600 programs at over 700 colleges and universities in 29 countries.[iii]

Masters or Doctorate Engineering Degrees?

Deciding on whether you are looking for a 5-year Bachelor’s/Master’s, a Master of Science or Masters in Engineering (MEng), a specialized engineering program, PhD or a Doctor of Engineering degree can also help you weed through the various Graduate Engineering Schools.

Engineering Masters Programs

Master’s degrees in Engineering are either professional degrees such as the MEng or research degrees (Master of Science). Master’s degrees in Engineering may be a great fit for an Engineer who wants to learn leadership, project management and other business management skills. These engineering graduate programs often include classes in accounting, engineering economics, industrial and human resource management and quality control.[iv]

Engineering Doctoral Programs

Doctorate degrees in Engineering are usually chosen by the engineer innovator, researcher or academic, and provides further specialization to the master’s degree[v]. Typically the Doctor of Engineering (Dr Eng) is a professional practice degree whereas the PhD in Engineering is a research degree.

Engineering Graduate Certificates

Engineering graduate certificates may be an option for the graduate student looking to boost credentials, technial areas in a specific area of their field, learn industry-specific leadership skills or enhance their technical knowledge.

Each Engineering School is Unique

Each of the Graduate Engineering Schools is unique. Their faculty, location, tuition, research grants, technology and overall look and feel of their campus is going to vary. As you can gather from browsing through the sponsored listings, one university may be well known for a Master in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering program, another for its Doctor of Philosophy Textile Engineering and Science program, yet another school for its Master of Engineering degree program. Using the type of engineering degree (chemical engineering, software engineering, systems engineering) you are interested in can also help you narrow down your choices.

Take the Next Step

Whether you are interested in full-time or part-time study, a masters or doctorate in engineering, there are many choices, and this means options! Some of the sponsored Graduate Engineering Schools that might interest you offer degrees such as Technology Management PhD, Executive Masters in Software Engineering and PhD Engineering among others. Some graduate schools are in the suburbs, others in large cities. Think of your personality and your needs, and make sure to request more detailed information from prospective colleges in order to stay on top of admissions deadlines.

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