Boston MA Graduate Programs in Emergency Management

Are you well-organized, a great communicator and good under pressure? Have you earned a bachelors degree in emergency management or a similar field? If so you may want to consider earning an Emergency Management Degree at the graduate level as either a masters in emergency management or a doctorate level. Emergency management is the process of preparing for, mitigating, and responding to emergencies such as fires, explosions, hurricanes, hazardous materials incidents, earthquakes or civil disturbances. Professionals in the field must perform tasks such as executing training, testing and drills; monitoring and evaluating situations as they progress; and mobilizing emergency services and responders.

Emergency Management Careers

Types of Emergency Management Degree Graduate Programs

There are a lot of different types of grad programs in emergency management to choose from, such as a Master of Science in Emergency Management, a Master of Arts in Public Safety Administration or a Ph.D. in Safety Sciences.

And, it’s easy to filter your search by degree for Masters Programs in Emergency Management or Emergency Management Doctorate Graduate Programs. If you’re looking to gain specialized knowledge to shift your career focus, you may want to consider a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management. Or you can also search online crisis management graduate programs.

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The final step is figuring out where you want to study. Are you interested in learning abroad or do you want to find emergency management graduate schools in your area? Just filter your search by location to choose from a list of accredited colleges or universities that meet your criteria and pick the right one for you!

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