Connecticut Campus Graduate Programs in Emergency Management

Emergency Management Schools help students develop a strategic mindset about crisis scenarios. As defined by FEMA, emergency management is all about the “framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters.”

The key features of EM include risk analysis, organizational practices, response and recovery. Students might therefore take courses in topics such as incident command, resource allocation, disaster medicine, and more.

Emergency Management Schools & Emergency Management Degrees

Many programs look at crisis management through a certain lens, for instance policing, criminal justice, and homeland security. Others might look at EM from the point of view of public health and disease control, or even public administration and policy. Students could therefore choose a graduate school that has a curriculum in line with their professional aims and specific interests.

You could look for Emergency Management Schools for graduate degree programs at the Masters, Doctorate, and Graduate Certificate levels.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements to emergency management schools vary by program and degree level. Applicants for masters programs typically need a bachelors degree. However, a major may not be specified.

Candidates should however, keep their eyes out for prerequisite coursework. This could include college statistics, general biology, or intro to psychology. For PhD in Emergency Management programs, students often need a masters degree and work experience. Other common application materials could include transcripts, letters of reference, an essay, a resume, and possibly even your GRE scores.

Graduate Schools for Masters in Emergency Management Programs

Masters in Emergency Management programs could help students learn to manage, communicate, and prepare for

today’s complex man-made and human disasters. In required courses, students might explore the psychological and public health effects of emergencies.

Other courses could discuss the logistic and managerial aspects of crisis. And, crises could take any number of forms. Terrorist attacks, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, volcanoes, hazardous materials breaches, and major power grid disruptions are some examples.

Graduate Schools for Graduate Certificates in Emergency Management

Graduate Certificates in Emergency Management could provide a stand-alone award, or prepare students to pursue a related Masters degree down the line. Most universities with EM certificates design them for at-work professionals and students who want to refine skills in a single content area.

Often, a certificate entails the completion of about three courses, which could be completed in about one year or less. Consequently, students might get a quick pick of core material in a topic such as business continuity or disaster medicine.

Graduate Schools for PhD in Emergency Management Programs

PhD in emergency management programs are research-focused, terminal degrees. Students might acquire a broad set of skills in research design, defense strategy, disaster preparedness, public policy analysis, and more. 

Some universities may offer students the opportunity to earn a doctorate degree in emergency management online.

Why Earn an Emergency Management Degree on Campus?

Students who pursue their graduate degree in emergency management on campus could learn through a variety of methods. Such methods could include in-person seminars, live lectures, hand-on skills labs, role-playing seminars, disaster drills, and table-top exercises.

Plus, Emergency Management Schools could include faculty-led activities in the local community as part of their program. As a result, participants may be able to integrate in-class theory with real-time practice.

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