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Do you want to enhance your career by earning an online school psychology degree? Are you looking for Online School Psychology Graduate Programs? If you are interested in working within a school population, using psychology to foster a positive learning environment, conduct interventions and testing, create effective learning plans for diverse learners, and more, earning a graduate degree or certificate in school psychology may be the right decision for you.

Why earn a graduate degree in school psychology

Essentials of Choosing Online School Psychology Graduate Programs

Especially for working professionals, flexibility might be a make-or-break aspect in choosing the right graduate school. Whether you need to balance a full time career with graduate school, or whether you work best in the comfort of your own home rather than in the traditional classroom, more and more online school psychology graduate programs are being offered.

One of the major advantages in completing your school psychology graduate program online is the level of flexibility that comes with the online and distance learning options. If you’re looking for total flexibility, or if you want to bring the advantages of the traditional classroom into your life in a manageable way, there are online options that meet these needs.

Synchronous programs aim to bring as many advantages of the traditional classroom as possible into your life in a manageable way. These Online School Psychology Graduate Programs may require you to make yourself available at specific, scheduled times, just like a traditional class, by logging into the course on your computer to attend a streamed lecture, discussion, or participate in class activities.

Asynchronous programs, on the other hand, may not require you to log in at any specific time. These programs may offer the most flexibility, because students are able to complete course requirements on

their own schedules. These courses may be perfect for the busy, working professional, and for students who are most successful working independently.

Additionally, some programs may offer synchronous and asynchronous course options alongside one another, allowing you to choose what works best for you.

In addition to the format of the Online School Psychology Graduate Programs, here are some other factors that may influence your decision when choosing an online school psychology graduate program:

  • Your Preferred Focus Area:
  • School psychologists may choose to focus their studies and work in any of a number of areas. Whether you prefer to work with a specific age range (early childhood, middle grades, high school, for example), disability type, professional role, or some other category, you may be able to find an online school psychology graduate program that reflects your interests and goals, or allows you to tailor your coursework according to those interests.
  • Your Preferred Approach:
  • School psychology programs online and on-campus may have any of a number of different academic approaches to their material. Depending on your learning style and your intended goals (for example, whether you prefer to work in research and theory, or whether you want to work with students in their learning environments) you may prefer one approach over the other. These approaches are sometimes referred to as Scientist-Practitioner, Practitioner-Scholar, etc.
  • What Opportunities You Are Looking For:
  • If you’re looking for a career in research, or to go on later to earn your Ph.D. in school psychology, you may find yourself looking for online school psychology programs that include a research component, allowing you to earn hands-on guided experience in conducting and authoring research studies. If you are jumpstarting a new career in school psychology, it may be important to you to have the opportunity to observe professionals and apply your knowledge in a real-world setting. If specific opportunities are important to your success, their presence in a particular program may help you to make your decision.

Types of Online School Psychology Graduate Programs

Whether you want to earn your master’s in school psychology online, your doctorate, or a graduate certificate, with the increasing role of technology in higher education, more and more online options are available for you to consider. Whether you prefer synchronous or asynchronous, or have specific focus areas of interest, you may be able to find your perfect online school psychology graduate program.

Online Master’s in School Psychology

If you’re looking for an online school psychology master’s program, you may have noticed the variety of different types of master’s programs available. School psychology programs may offer any of a number of degree types at the master’s level, and choosing between them may be a challenge. Understanding the similarities and differences between each may be an important factor in your decision making process.

  • M.A. and M.S. programs in school psychology may be the most recognizable degree types, and the most frequently offered. These programs share many similarities, and the differences between them may vary by institution and program. If a graduate school offers both options, one important differentiator is a thesis requirement. Programs oriented toward laying the foundation for further study at the doctorate level are likely to include a research element or thesis as a requirement for completion of the degree. If you are looking for a terminal program oriented toward professional application, and are uninterested in pursuing your doctorate, completing a thesis may be less important to you.
  • M.Ed. programs in school psychology may typically be offered by schools of education. In some cases, this may affect the focus of the program, approaching the material from the perspective of education, rather than a more clinical, psychological focus.

In addition to more typical master’s programs, you may also find specialty degrees being offered continuously with and listed alongside master’s programs online. These specialty degrees focus on a specific concentration area, potentially allowing you to demonstrate expertise beyond the master’s level in that area. Specialty degrees offered in school psychology include Ed.S. (Educational Specialist), Psy.S. (Psychology Specialist), and SSP (Specialist of School Psychology). Particular program focuses and approaches may vary according to the concentration area and the nature of the school offering the program. (For example, those earned at a school of psychology may have a more clinical focus than those at a school of education.)

School Psychology Doctoral Programs Online

If you are looking for an online school psychology doctoral program, a number of programs may be available that meet your needs. Often research-oriented and highly academic, doctoral programs may prepare you not only to conduct and author research in school psychology, but also to develop the fluency necessary to interpret it and apply it effectively at multiple levels.

You may find yourself choosing between several different types of online school psychology doctoral programs. Each doctoral program is likely to be informed by your particular focus and course of study, but these degree types may vary in terms of similarity and differences between institutions and programs. Understanding the basics of each of them may help to make your decision easier.

Online school psychology Ph.D. programs may be the most commonly offered and also the most recognizable, and as such, applicable in a variety of ways. However, these programs are often research-oriented, and may require a thesis and/or research experience as a prerequisite for admission. Earning a Ph.D. in school psychology may be particularly good for those who wish to pursue research or teach at a university level.

Online Ed.D. programs in school psychology may typically be offered by schools of education, and as such, the perspective of these programs may vary accordingly. A newer degree type than Ph.D., these programs may be great for those already working in education, and may or may not have the same research or thesis requirements as a Ph.D. program.

Online Psy.D. programs may typically be offered by schools of psychology. As such, while the specific differences from Ed.D. and Ph.D. may vary by individual program, a Psy.D. program may have a more clinical, psychological focus, oriented toward the practitioner of psychology as well as the research behind it.

Regardless of whether you want to earn a Ph.D. in school psychology online, or your Ed.D. or Psy.D., each of these program types may be additionally tailored according to your particular course of study, objectives, and interests. As such, you may be able to find the perfect online school psychology doctorate program for you.

Online School Psychology Graduate Certificates

If you’re looking to increase your expertise in a specific area of school psychology at the graduate level, but are not ready to commit to a full graduate degree program, an online graduate certification in school psychology may be right for you.

Online school psychology graduate certificates may be available at the master’s and post-master’s level. A master’s level graduate certificate may be open to students who already hold a bachelor’s degree and relevant experience, but not necessarily a master’s. These programs may offer the opportunity to demonstrate education and expertise at a level equivalent to master’s in that particular concentration area, though not a full master’s degree. Post-master’s certificates may allow those who already hold a master’s degree to continue their study at a higher level without enrolling in a doctoral program.

Finding Your Perfect School Psychology Program

If you are ready to find your perfect online school psychology graduate program, can help! Whether you want to get started earning your online master’s degree, doctorate, or certificate, options may be available. Add filters by selecting the appropriate degree level (master’s, doctoral, or graduate certificate) or location. Then get started reading about each program and reach out to them for more information. Get started choosing your perfect Online School Psychology Graduate Programs today!

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