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Are you looking for School Counseling Graduate Programs Online? Interested in jumpstarting a new career as a school counselor, or enhancing an existing one with additional education? If you want to work directly with students on a daily basis, helping them with everything from academic counseling to personal issues, collaborating with parents and educators and fostering a healthy learning environment, Online School Counseling Graduate Programs may be a good option for you.

Online School Counseling Graduate Degree Program

Choosing Your Perfect Online School Counseling Graduate Programs: Basics

Whether you are a working professional who needs to balance your continuing education with your professional and personal life, or whether you are an independent learner who works best with a great deal of flexibility, online school counseling graduate programs may be a good fit for you.

Online graduate school for school counseling may offer a number of benefits. Without needing to be associated with a local campus, students considering online or distance learning programs may have the option of applying to a wide net of schools that may not have been feasible otherwise. These programs may also be increasingly flexible, balancing as many of the benefits and services from traditional programs as possible with the ability to complete courses when and where works best for you.

School counseling graduate programs online may come in several formats:

  • Synchronous programs and classes are ones that may emulate traditional courses as much as possible in an online space. Students may be expected to log into a course on a specific schedule, attend live streamed lectures or participate in discussions or activities. These programs aim to balance the benefits of the traditional course with the flexibility of the online space.
  • Asynchronous programs, unlike synchronous programs, may be designed to allow
  • students to complete course requirements on their own schedules. These programs may allow more flexibility, and may be a good fit for those who flourish in a highly independent setting.

Some online school counseling graduate programs may also blend asynchronous and synchronous course options, allowing you to choose what type of course works for you at that time.

In addition to synchronicity, programs may be fully or partially online. Partially online programs may be oriented around a local campus on a typical semester schedule, or may be organized as a low-residency program, requiring students to spend time on campus several times a year. These may sometimes be referred to as hybrid programs, or may sometimes be classified alongside online or distance learning options.

A few other considerations to keep in mind when choosing school counseling graduate programs online:

  • Opportunities: If you have a particular career path in mind, you may have certain opportunities you consider essential to your success. For example, do you need practical, hands-on experience or an internship? A program that incorporates this or assists you in setting one up may be a priority for you.
  • Concentrations: If you are interested in working in a particular area, with a specific population, or simply learning more about a particular topic, you may prefer a program that allows you to choose a certain concentration.
  • Resources: Some online programs or institutions may offer similar resources to students as a traditional brick-and-mortar campus. This may include anything from online research database access to career and academic counseling.

Types of School Counseling Graduate Programs Online

If you’re ready to begin pursuing your school counseling degree, and need a flexible option, online school counselor graduate programs may be a great fit for you. Online school counseling graduate programs may be increasingly available at a variety of levels including master’s, doctoral, and even graduate certificates.

Earn Your Master’s Degree in School Counseling Online

If you’re looking at to earn your master’s degree in school counseling online, you may find yourself choosing between several different types of master’s degrees. While each of these program types may have advantages, understanding the similarities and differences between them may help you to choose the perfect program for you.

M.A. and M.S. school counseling programs in particular may share many similarities, and the specific differences between them may vary by program or institution. If you find yourself considering an institution offering both tracks for school counseling graduate programs online, here are a few things that may help to differentiate between them.

  • Does one of them require a thesis for completion of the degree program? Depending on your intended academic and career trajectory, completing a master’s thesis may be a valuable element of a master’s program for you. If you intend to go on to study at the doctoral level or pursue a career in research, this may be a good fit for you.
  • Do the programs have different focuses or approaches to the material? For example, if one program is more clinical in nature and the other more theoretical and research oriented, one may be a better fit for your ambitions.

Additionally, you may consider pursuing an M.Ed. in school counseling. M.Ed. programs may most often be offered by schools of education, and may be oriented toward those who work in the field of education.

Regardless of which type of master’s in school counseling you feel is the perfect fit for you, online programs may be available that meet your needs.

Online School Counseling Doctoral Programs

A number of online school counseling doctoral programs may be available for your consideration if you are looking to study at the doctoral level. Like master’s programs in school counseling, doctoral programs may come in several different types.

A Ph.D. in school counseling may be the most easily recognizable option available. Ph.D. programs may be research-oriented, and may prefer prior research experience at the master’s level, such as through the completion of a thesis.

Ed.D. and Psy.D. programs in school counseling, newer program types than the Ph.D., may also be a good fit for you. While specific differences may vary, Ed.D. programs may often be offered by schools of education, and as such may take an education approach to the material, whereas Psy.D., which may more frequently be offered by schools of psychology, may take a more clinical approach, focusing on the practitioner.

Online School Counseling Graduate Certificate Programs

If you are interested in studying at the graduate level, but are not yet ready to pursue a full graduate degree, you may be interested in earning a graduate certificate. Graduate certificates in school counseling may frequently be offered at the post-master’s level, but may sometimes also be offered at the master’s level for those who hold a bachelor’s degree. School counseling graduate certificates may focus on a specific concentration area, such as a particular demographic, disability type, or professional role, making them a good choice for you if you are interested in enhancing your career in a specific area.

Find Your Perfect Online Graduate Schools for School Counseling

If you’re ready to find your perfect online graduate schools for school counseling, is here to help you get started. Here is a list of school counseling graduate programs online for your consideration. Filter results by selecting your preferred degree level and, if necessary, filter by location. Once the list is curated to your liking, get started reading up on online school counseling graduate programs, and reach out to them for more information. Don’t wait any longer to being school counseling graduate programs online! 

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