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Are you looking for great Online Educational School Psychology programs? Do you want to earn a school psychology degree online, and need a flexible option to fit it into your life? If so, you might want to consider online educational psychology graduate programs or school psychology online graduate programs. Online Educational School Psychology programs have a variety of potential benefits for students of various learning styles, who may require the flexibility of the online and distance learning space.

Choosing a Great Online Educational School Psychology Graduate Program

Whether you’re interested in an educational psychology graduate program, a school psychology program, or a school counseling degree program, choosing the perfect program is an important step toward achieving your goals. If you need the flexibility of an online program in order to maintain an effective balance with your full time job and personal life, or if you are an independent learner who works best on your own in online graduate programs, a variety of online options may be available for your consideration. But how do you choose the perfect one? The broader field of educational and school psychology contains several potential concentration areas. Understanding the basic similarities and differences between these may help you to select a good program for you.

Online Educational Psychology Graduate Programs

Educational psychologists may have a variety of responsibilities relating to psychological research and the effectiveness of educational institutions. For example, they may perform research related to the psychology of effective learning, or they may work on applying that research to increase the effectiveness of schools, districts, and state-wide education systems. If you choose to attend an online educational psychology graduate program, that program may take a few different approaches and focuses, such as specific issues, challenges, and populations. If you want to focus on psychological research or apply that research at a high level, this may be the concentration area for you.

Online School Psychology Degree Programs

If you’re more interested in identifying and testing students with extraordinary learning needs, helping to develop behavioral plans, IEPs, and strategies tailored for those students’ individual success, a school psychology graduate program may be perfect for you. School psychologists work within a school, identifying and testing students for learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and other extraordinary learning needs. School psychologists are involved in developing behavioral plans, IEPs, and necessary accommodations to ensure that student’s success, and help to facilitate cooperation between guardians and faculty. If you want to study in an online school psychology program, your program may allow for focuses on a number of relevant concentrations, such as specific populations, disorders, or age groups, or professional roles.

Online School Counseling Programs

If you’re interested in working with students on a one-on-one basis on a more personal level than testing and evaluation, you might want to consider school counseling graduate programs. School counselors and guidance counselors work in a school, using their psychology and counseling expertise to help students with things like social and emotional issues, academic planning, college and career counseling, and more. The specifics of a school counselor’s roles and responsibilities might vary according to the needs of the student population in question, and as such, school counseling graduate programs might also vary, and might include concentrations in specific areas like population, age group, or other issues. School counseling graduate programs might also take a more clinical perspective geared toward the practitioner; however, this may vary between programs.

What Online School Psychology Programs & Educational Psychology Program Types Might You Puruse?

Once you’re ready to enroll in an educational psychology, school psychology, or school counseling program, you may be considering a master’s program, doctoral, or graduate certificate program. But identifying what program level is appropriate to your needs is only the beginning. Specific degree levels may still contain several different types of degrees to be awarded upon completion. Each one may have its own unique qualities and advantages. Understanding the basic similarities and differences between each of them may help you to identify which programs may meet your needs.

Online Master’s in School Psychology, Educational Psychology or School Counseling

Earning your educational psychology master’s online, your master’s in school psychology online, or your master’s in school counseling may be a great step toward your academic and career goals. But how do you know which program may be perfect for you? Depending on your concentration area, the differences between types of master’s programs may have an impact on your decision.

  • M.A. and M.S. programs may be more recognizable and commonly offered, but depending on what you’re studying, the differences between them may vary. If you’re studying educational psychology, for example, an M.A. may be more research-oriented, focused on performing and applying research or setting you up for further education, whereas the M.S. might be more focused on practical application. On the other hand, in other areas, the differences between M.A. and M.S. may be negligible or might vary between individual schools, and may hinge on the presence of requirements like a thesis.
  • M.Ed. programs may be offered by schools of education, and as such, might also be oriented toward professionals in that field, or people with an educational background in education. This might have an effect on the particular focus or approach that program takes to the material.
  • Ed.S. and Psy.S. programs, known as specialty degrees, might be seen as a step between the master’s and doctoral level. These programs might allow you to explore a specific concentration area within your field at a higher level without enrolling in a full doctoral program, and may either be offered continuously with master’s programs or separately. The Ed.S., like the M.Ed., might be offered by a school of education, and may take an educational approach. The Psy.S., similarly, may be offered by a school of psychology and might be more clinical in nature.

No matter which of these programs you might be interested in earning, the particular details and differences may vary between individual programs and schools, so it is important to read about your preferred programs and follow up with the school in question.

Online School Psychology & Educational Psychology Doctoral Programs

Educational psychology doctoral programs may help to enhance your career in a variety of ways. Whether you want to perform research, apply it in a high level consultant role, teach, or enhance your current role with additional expertise, a doctoral program may be a great fit for you. Like master’s programs, several different types may be available.

  • Ph.D programs may be the most recognizable doctoral program type. Differences between programs may vary according to your concentration area and particular focus, as well as between schools. These programs may be more research-oriented and academic in nature.
  • Ed.D. programs might be offered by schools of education, and are a newer degree type than the Ph.D. These programs may be oriented toward education professionals, or take an education perspective and approach to the material.
  • Psy.D. programs might be offered by schools of psychology, and may take a more clinical approach focused on the practitioner of psychology.

No matter what your goals are or which degree type you think you might be interested in, it’s important to follow up with your preferred programs, as the differences and details may vary.

Online Educational & School Psychology Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate certificate programs in educational psychology, school psychology or school counseling may be a great fit for you if you want to expand your expertise in a specific area, but are not ready to enroll in a full degree program. These programs may focus on particular concentrations, and as such, are likely to vary individually. Graduate certificate programs may most often be offered at the post-master’s level, but may also be available for those holding a bachelor’s degree, depending on the program in question.

Online Educational & School Psychology Program Formats

Whether you’re looking for flexibility in your program, if you learn best independently, or simply prefer online learning, a variety of educational & school psychology programs may be available for you to consider, in several different formats that may meet your needs.

Synchronous programs are programs that, while online, operate on an established schedule. That means you may be required to log in at a certain time to attend a streamed lecture, or participate in a discussion or activity. These programs aim to incorporate as many of the advantages of traditional campus programs into the online space as possible.

Asynchronous Programs, meanwhile, aim to bring as much flexibility as they can. Students may be able to log in and complete course requirements and assignments on their own schedule each week, when it works best for them.

Some programs may also combine synchronous and asynchronous courses, allowing you to choose what type of course works best for you when, according to your own preferences and needs. Additionally, some programs may combine online learning with traditional campus classes.

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