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Are you looking for low-residency or hybrid educational psychology programs or school psychology programs? Want to earn an educational psychology degree? Interested in the flexibility of an online school psychology graduate program, but the stability of a traditional on-campus program? If so, great Hybrid Educational School Psychology Graduate Programs, school psychology graduate programs, and school counseling programs may be available for you to consider.

What Is A Hybrid Educational School Psychology Graduate Program?

Hybrid Educational School Psychology Graduate Programs, sometimes known as low-residency programs, may be perfect for anyone who wants to combine the convenience and flexibility of online graduate programs with the stability and benefits of learning on a traditional campus. The specific format of these programs may vary. In some cases, you may complete the majority of your course requirements online while spending a few weeks at a time learning on campus in person. In other cases, you may have hybrid courses scheduled alongside traditional ones simultaneously.

Choosing the Perfect Hybrid Educational School Psychology Graduate Programs for You

If you’re looking for educational psychology graduate programs, school psychology graduate programs, or school counseling programs, deciding which one is perfect for your needs and goals may be a challenge. Educational and school psychology incorporates several specific concentration areas. Each of these carries its own unique focuses, responsibilities and goals. Understanding the basics of each may help you to make that decision.

Hybrid Educational Psychology Graduate Programs

Educational psychology programs may focus on performing and applying research to help schools, districts, and state-wide education systems be as effective learning environments as possible. These programs may include a variety of approaches and focus points that relate to your goals as a professional. For example, some programs may focus on performing research at a high level, while others may focus on the practical application of that research in the field.

Hybrid School Psychology Graduate Programs

For those who are more interested in working with specific learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and other extraordinary needs, within the population of a specific school, a school psychology program may be perfect. School psychologists work within the walls of a school, and may be responsible for the identification and testing of students who may have extraordinary needs, as well as developing behavioral plans and IEPs, making accommodations, and facilitating cooperation between guardians, students and faculty to work toward that student’s learning success.

Hybrid School & Guidance Counselor Graduate Programs

If you like the idea of working with individual students, but prefer more personal and individual work than focusing on testing, you may want to pursue a career as a school or guidance counselor. School counselors may work with students individually or in groups to help resolve emotional and social issues, conduct interventions, as well as academic, career and college counseling. These roles may vary depending upon the needs of a particular student population, and as such, school counseling graduate programs may also vary, and might allow you to concentrate on the needs of a specific population, age group, disability type, or professional role in your studies.

Hybrid Educational & School Psychology Graduate Program Levels & Types

If you have decided you want to look for educational & school psychology graduate programs, you may be looking at either the master’s, doctorate, or graduate certificate level, depending on your needs and preferences. However, that’s not the only decision you may need to make. You may find that several different types of degrees could be earned within each of these levels. How do you know which one is perfect for you? Here’s a basic run-down of the different degree types.

School Psychology & Educational Psychology Master’s Programs

Finding your perfect school psychology master’s programs or educational psychology master’s programs may be a big step toward achieving your academic and professional goals. Educational psychology master’s programs, as well as school counseling and school psychology programs, might be offered in a variety of different types. Each of these types may have unique qualities that make them a good fit for you.

  • M.A. and M.S. programs might be some of the more commonly offered degree types, and the differences between them might vary according to your concentration area. If you’re looking to earn your educational psychology master’s, for example, an M.A. may focus more on academic theory and research, whereas an M.S. might focus on practical application of that research in the field. In other cases, such as with school psychology and school counseling, there may be less of a difference between these degree types, or the differences may vary between individual institutions, and may hinge on details like a thesis requirement.
  • M.Ed. programs in educational and school psychology might be offered by schools of education. These programs may be oriented toward professionals in the field of education and/or those with an academic background in education by taking an education perspective and approach toward the material.
  • Ed.S. and Psy.S. programs, referred to as specialty degrees, may sometimes be referred to as being between the master’s and doctoral level. These programs may allow you to explore a specific concentration within your field beyond the master’s level without enrolling in the full breadth of a doctoral program. These programs are often offered continuously with master’s programs, but may also be available separately. Ed.S. programs, like M.Ed. programs, might be offered by schools of education, and Psy.S. may be offered by a school of psychology and take a somewhat more clinical perspective.

Remember, it’s important to follow up with any programs you might be interested in regarding the details, as the specific similarities, differences and approaches to the material might vary.

School & Educational Psychology Doctoral Programs

If you’re looking for a school counseling, school psychology, or educational psychology doctoral program, a number of hybrid options may be available for you to consider. As with master’s programs, however, that might not be the end of the decision. Educational and school psychology doctoral programs might be available in several types, each of which may have their own advantages and approaches that may appeal to you.

  • Ph.D. programs in in educational and school psychology might be one of the more frequently offered doctoral program types. The specifics of these programs may vary according to focus area, program and school, but may be research-oriented and academic in nature.
  • Ed.D. programs, a newer type of offering than the Ph.D. program, might be offered by schools of education, oriented toward those with a background in education, and as such, may take an approach to the material reflecting this perspective. However, this might vary depending on the program.
  • Psy.D. programs may be offered by schools of psychology, and may take a more clinical approach oriented toward the practitioner of psychology

Regardless of which type of doctoral program you feel might be perfect for you, it is important to follow up with your preferred programs regarding the details, as the specific details and differences between programs and program types may vary.


If you’re looking for hybrid graduate certificate programs in educational psychology, school psychology, or school counseling, a number of options may be available for you to consider. Graduate certificate programs are often offered at the post-master’s level, but may also be available at the master’s level for those holding bachelor’s degrees. These may be a great option for you if you want to increase your expertise in a specific area without committing to a full graduate degree program. Graduate certificate programs may focus on a specific concentration area, and as such, individual differences between programs may vary.

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