Educational Psychology Graduate Programs

Educational psychology graduate programs focus on the science behind how people learn. They typically cover educational psychology theory and research methodology, as well as how that research may be applied in an educational setting on an individual or institutional level. Educational psychology programs could prepare you to help individual students succeed, or to develop and improve educational programs at the school or district level. They may also prepare you to conduct research in the educational psychology field.

Overview: Educational Psychology Graduate Programs

Educational psychology programs may be available at the masters, doctorate or certificate level, and award a variety of degree types. M.Ed, MA , MS, Ed.S and PhD degrees in educational psychology are just a few examples. How do you identify which educational psychology program may be right for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind that may help you choose a program that supports your personal, academic, and career goals.

First, what aspects of educational psychology are you primarily interested in pursuing? If you are interested in taking a macro level approach, such as performing research, or applying it at a high level, you may prefer to choose a program that focuses on theory and research methodology. This may allow you to gain fluency in both performing research and analyzing the data that comes from it. If you are more interested in applying your educational psychology expertise on an individual level, within a particular school or interacting with individual students, you may prefer educational psychology programs with a counseling or education focus.

Another important consideration may be the types of opportunities a program offers to support these goals. Does the program offer you opportunities to get involved in research? If you want practical experience, is there an internship or practicum element that will allow you to apply your classroom knowledge in a real-world setting?

Finally, the format of the program in question may influence in your decision. Whether you prefer the community atmosphere of a traditional brick-and-mortar campus and the opportunity to take advantage of campus resources, or you need the flexibility of partially or fully online options, there may be options available for your consideration.

Types of Educational Psychology Graduate Programs

When you’re ready to search Educational Psychology Graduate Programs, you may find that there are many different types of master’s and doctorate degrees. Understanding the differences and similarities between each option may help you decide which one meets your needs the most effectively.

Popular Educational Psychology Graduate Programs


Degree Awarded


Educational Psychology

M.S., Ph.D.

Online, Campus

Special Education



General Psychology with an Emphasis in Integrating Technology, Learning



Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching



Which Master’s in Educational Psychology Should You Pursue?

There are several different degree types under the educational psychology master’s program umbrella. The level of contrast between them may vary depending upon the individual programs and institutions in question.

Educational psychology M.A. and M.S. programs in particular share many similarities, but there may also be some key differences between them. M.A. programs in educational psychology may often be research based and theoretical, and candidates often go on to continue their study at the doctorate level and pursue careers in research. M.S. programs, meanwhile, may have a more practical focus of applying that knowledge, either in a counseling role or elsewhere, and may offer students the opportunity to choose a concentration earlier than in other programs.

M.Ed. programs in educational psychology may share similarities with both the M.A. and M.S. While not specifically research focused, these programs may yet encompass research-heavy material. M.Ed. programs may focus on research insofar as how it is applied in educational settings at the school or district level, as well as fluency in research methodologies and analysis.

PhD in Educational Psychology Programs

PhD in Educational Psychology programs may offer any of several different types of degrees, each of which have unique differences. The prerequisites and requirements for each of these programs may be similar, requiring research, as well as the completion and defense of a dissertation before a degree may be awarded.

Educational psychology PhD programs offer a variety of potential focus areas and career applications. Many of those who earn a PhD in educational psychology may also go on to pursue careers in research, or teaching at a university level. As such, these programs often have a theoretical and research focus, and may have a broad potential for application to enhance many different careers within the field of educational psychology.

Ed.D. programs, newer than PhD programs, are typically awarded by schools of education. These programs may focus on rigorous scientific research, either with a focus on performing said research, or developing the fluency with research methods and application to apply and utilize that research data in the field.

While the Psy.D. may also have a rigorous research component, unlike Ed.D. and Ph.D. programs, Psy.D. programs may typically be oriented toward the practitioner, taking a more clinical approach. Just as the Ed.D. is generally awarded by a school of education, the Psy.D. is often awarded by a school of psychology.

Ed.S or Psy.S Programs in Educational Psychology

Another potential option for those who already hold or look to pursue a master’s in educational psychology are earning specialist degrees: Ed.S. and Psy.S These advanced degree programs are often included within the broader category of master’s programs, and may even be offered continuously with them. These programs allow a person with a master’s degree to demonstrate a specialization in a particular facet of educational psychology, and as such, are likely to be more specifically focused. In some cases, these programs may allow the candidate to earn master’s degree continuously.

The type of degree awarded may generally depend on the focus of the program in question. An education-oriented program may offer an Ed.S., while a more clinical program more heavily focused on psychology may award either a Psy.S. or SSP (Specialization in School Psychology). The specific differences between these programs may vary between institutions.

Educational Psychology Graduate Certificate Programs

Looking into pursuing a graduate certificate in educational psychology? Graduate certificate programs may offer you the opportunity to increase your depth of understanding of educational psychology, or to learn more about a particular concentration area within educational psychology without committing to the full scope of a graduate degree program. Graduate certificate programs may be available to those who hold a bachelor’s degree and often have additional professional experience. However, if you already hold a master’s degree, but are not yet ready to pursue a doctorate, a post-master’s program may be a good choice for you.

Choosing an Educational Psychology Program Format

Once you have established what type of educational psychology graduate programs you want to attend, next comes choosing your preferred format. With the increasing role of technology pushing the evolution of the educational landscape, more than ever, there may be variable options for program formats that meet your needs and fit into your life.

If you value the community atmosphere of the traditional classroom setting, a program set on a brick-and-mortar campus may be the ideal fit for you. Campus programs allow students to take advantage of campus resources, including the library, career services, gym, and many other resources that may be available. Additionally, students may be able to network and socialize with peers and professors.

For the working professional who requires flexibility, online or distance learning programs may be a good fit. Online programs generally allow students to participate from anywhere, and may even be asynchronous, meaning that a student can log in and complete course requirements at time that is convenient for them.

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