Master's in Educational Psychology Online

Are you looking for Online Educational Psychology Graduate Programs? As the higher education landscape evolves, more and more online graduate school options are available.

Completing an educational psychology graduate program online may help to enhance your career and deepen your expertise in the field. However, for the working professional, finding time to complete an educational psychology degree in a traditional program may be a challenge. Online education psychology graduate programs may make it possible to find that balance between your life, the workplace, and your educational goals.

How to Choose Online Educational Psychology Graduate Programs

With the increasing amount of options that may be available, choosing an online educational psychology program may be a challenge. How do you know which one is the right program for you? Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind when beginning that search.

What aspect of educational psychology are you most interested in? Are you interested in learning about theory and research methodology, or hoping to earn your Ph.D. in educational psychology or jumpstart a career in research? If so, a program that focuses on learning about and getting involved in educational psychology research may be an option. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are interested in applying that research in the field or working at a school hands-on, you may be able to find an online educational psychology program ideally suited to those goals.

If you choose to enroll in Online Educational Psychology Graduate Programs that suits your personal career and educational goals to your preference, what types of opportunities do the programs offer? If include a research element, observation, or practicum, do the programs assist or set up these opportunities, or do they give you control over when, where, and how to complete these requirements? Particularly for online educational psychology programs, where students may be situated all over the map, knowing how much resources and freedom you have in taking advantage of these opportunities may be an important aspect in decision-making.

Another consideration when choosing an online educational psychology graduate programs is the format. Online programs and courses might be either synchronous or asynchronous. Asynchronous means that students are able to log in on their own schedule to complete the course requirements at their convenience. For those people for whom flexibility is a primary concern, these types of courses may be a good fit. However, for those who need that element of flexibility but do not want to lose the benefits of working in a traditional classroom, synchronous programs may be perfect. Students in synchronous classes must log in on specific days and times to attend streamed lectures or participate in class discussions or activities, bringing together the flexibility of the online option with the atmosphere of the traditional classroom.

Finally, is your ideal program partially or fully online? While many educational psychology graduate programs may be fully online, with the increasing role of technology in the landscape of graduate education, more and more local campuses are offering online classes in addition to their traditional ones.

Online Educational Psychology Graduate Programs​ Degree Types

Similar to educational psychology programs on a traditional brick-and-mortar campus, online educational psychology graduate programs may be offered in a variety of levels and focuses. Understanding the similarities and differences between each one may help you to narrow down the programs for you.

Earn Your Master’s in Educational Psychology Online

If you want to earn your educational psychology master’s online, you have probably noticed that there are several different types of master’s programs available. Understanding the similarities and differences between them may help you to choose the perfect program for you to earn your master’s in school psychology online.

  • M.A. programs in educational psychology may be ideal for those who have an eye on earning their Ph.D. in educational psychology, pursuing a career teaching at a university level or pursue research. They may focus on theory and research methods within organizational psychology, and lay a foundation for further study.
  • M.S. programs may have many similarities with M.A. programs, but may also be focused on practical application, such as in counseling or other real-world utilizations of educational psychology.
  • M.Ed. programs may have much in common with both M.A. programs and M.Ed. programs. These programs may include a rigorous research element, but may be aimed toward developing fluency with research methodology so as to apply the findings effectively in educational settings.

Online Psy.S & Online Ed.s Educational Psychology Programs

Often combined with master’s programs, earning an online Psy.S. or an online Ed.S. in educational psychology may allow you to demonstrate expertise beyond the master’s level in a specific area. Some schools may allow you to Earn these degrees offered continuously with master’s degrees.

The major differences between these two may depend on the institutions and programs in question, and may sometimes be as little as the type of school issuing the degree. An online Psy.S. in educational psychology might be issued by a school of psychology, whereas an online Ed.S. might be issued by a school of education. However, the particular focuses of these programs may also vary accordingly.

Online Educational Psychology Doctoral Programs

While many educational psychology doctoral programs are offered on campus, there may be a variety of online options for you to choose from as well. By enrolling in an online program, you may be able to fit earning your educational psychology Ph.D. into your busy schedule as a working professional, without being limited to programs within a commutable local distance. Similar to master’s programs, there are several available types of doctoral programs in educational psychology.

  • Online Ph.D. programs in educational psychology may be ideal for enhancing a variety of career paths within educational psychology. However, those with Ph.D. programs may choose to go on to pursue careers in research or academia, for example teaching at the university level. These programs may typically be heavily research-oriented.
  • Online Ed.D. programs in educational psychology, like Ed.S., may often be available by schools of education, and are a newer offering than the Ph.D. These programs may often focus on research with an intention of applying it within the field at a high level within an educational system.
  • Online Psy.D. educational psychology programs, like Psy.S. might be offered by a school for psychology, and like the others, also incorporate a rigorous research element. However, these programs may also be oriented toward the practitioner and have a more clinical approach.

The specific differences between each degree program type may yet vary according to the individual degree program and institution, but understanding the basic differences between each of the master’s and doctoral offerings may help to create a foundation on which to make that important decision.

Find Your Online Educational Psychology Graduate Programs

Now that you have decided to pursue your online graduate degree in educational psychology, it’s time to get started. Below is a list of online educational psychology and school psychology graduate programs for your consideration. If you would like to curate this list with additional preferences, you may select your preferred filters from the menu on the left. Please select your preferred graduate degree level, and, if necessary, your preferred school location using the drop-down menus for country, state, and city.

Once you have curated your list, you can begin reading up on each of your options. You can also reach out to them for more information or to get started. Take the first step today toward enhancing your career by earning an online graduate degree in educational psychology!

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