Online Education Graduate Programs

Online education graduate programs aim to bring graduate level education to students, wherever may be convenient for them. As an educator, this may be one way for you to get the graduate education you’re looking for, with the flexibility necessary to fit into your busy life. Online programs may be available at the master’s or doctorate level, as well as offering graduate certificate programs. No matter where you are on your educational journey--whether you're new to the field or hold an advanced degree--online programs may be able to help you take your studies to the next level.

 Online Education Graduate Programs

What Are The Potential Benefits of Online Education Graduate Programs?

Online graduate programs in education use technology to provide master’s or even doctorate level education in a flexible format. Rather than commuting to campus every day after work, you may be able to complete your course requirements from your own computer where you are comfortable. Because online programs may not be associated with a physical campus, you might also be also able to consider programs you might otherwise have missed. And, you may not have to worry about a long commute.

However, some programs may also be associated with a local school. The grad program may include some on-campus requirements rather than being fully online. These programs might also be referred to as partially-online, low residency, or hybrid programs. What that means is that if you're looking for online programs (while you may not be limited to looking within a certain distance from home or work), you may be able to find online options local to you.

Basics of Online Education Graduate Programs

Are you ready to start looking for your potential online education graduate programs? How you narrow down your options may depend on your current position, your career goals, and what you are most interested in learning about.

Online graduate programs in education might include a number of subject-area concentrations suitable for different career paths. For example, a classroom teacher may be interested in a master’s program that coordinates with their certification level such as K-12 Education programs. Or a teacher may be interested in programs that focus on helping certain types of students such as Special & Gifted Education, or TESOL/ESL. If you’re interested in strengthening your classroom skills, you might also look into Teacher Education, or even Education Technology & Online Learning. What about roles outside the classroom? You might find online programs oriented toward Education Leadership & Administration roles, Curriculum & Instruction, or even Educational & School Psychology.

But these are only a few examples of the types of subject areas you might choose to study. Whatever your area of interest, you may also have to identify which degree level is most appropriate for you.

Earn Your Master’s in Education Online

Online education master’s programs might award several degree types upon completion including:

  • Online Master’s in Education (M.Ed.)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
  • Master of Science in Education programs

The priorities, focal points, and advantages of each program may vary depending on the particular subject area concentration. They may also vary by individual program and institution. Whatever the degree type, earning an online education master’s degree might  help develop your skills as a professional educator. Earning your education degree online might also provide you with a flexible schedule so that you can continue your career in education while you learn.

When choosing your potential master’s degree programs in education, some questions you might ask yourself are:

  • Do you need a program that will help you earn a specific certification?
  • Are you looking for a program to help you move into a specific position or career path?
  • Are there specific skill sets or areas you are interested in exploring?
  • Do you plan to continue on to earn a doctorate in education?

The prerequisites for acceptance to an online education master’s program may vary based on a variety of factors, These factors may include the subject area, and whether the program is oriented toward new educators or experienced professionals. When you di identify your needs and narrow down your list of programs accordingly, make sure you follow up for more information to help make your decision.

Online Doctoral Programs in Education

Wondering what online doctoral programs in education might be like? While programs may vary by concentration area, type, and institution, you might be able to classify programs designed to support working professionals in the field. You may also discover programs emphasizing research design, practice and analysis, and academic theory.

Two of the more common types of doctoral programs that may be offered within education include Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) and Ph.D. programs. Ed.D. programs, a newer degree type compared to Ph.D. programs, may sometimes be more professionally oriented. Ed.D programs may tend to favor capstone projects over dissertations. Ph.D. programs, meanwhile, might tend to emphasize academia and research. Ph.D. programs might tend to incorporate dissertation requirements. It should be noted that additional degree types may also be available, particularly within certain subject areas such as Educational & School Psychology. Within these specific subjects you might also pursue a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) or similar distinction.

The specific qualities of individual online doctorate in education programs may vary. For this reason,make sure you follow up with your potential schools and programs for more information when deciding where to apply.

Online Education Graduate Certificate Programs

Whether you’re not quite ready to commit to a master’s program, or have already earned a graduate degree, you might want to consider online education graduate certificate programs. Generally shorter than full degree programs, graduate certificate programs might be a flexible option for you to complete your continuing education requirements. Graduate certificate may allow you to study a topic of interest at the graduate level.

If you have a certain topic of interest, you may be able to find an online graduate certificate program to study it at an advanced level. You may be able to apply some of the credits you earn toward the completion of a graduate degree at a later date depending on the requirements of the programs in question. Whether you want to develop skills to support your current or future position, take your first steps into graduate education, or just learn something new, online education graduate certificate programs might have what you’re looking for.

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