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Are you searching for education graduate schools? Whether you’re new to education and interested in programs that may help you learn what you need to take those first steps in a new career, or want to enhance your current career by broadening your expertise, education graduate school might help you achieve those goals. Attending graduate school for education, you might have the opportunity to study under knowledgeable faculty, build fluency with education research, and more. You might even have the opportunity to practice your new skills in the field, helping to solidify your knowledge, and prepare you to be the educator you want to be.

Potential Benefits of Education Graduate Schools & Programs

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, or interested in pursuing a new career in education, graduate schools in education might be a great resource for helping you succeed.Campus Education Graduate Programs

Attending graduate schools for education in your community, you might study under faculty with experience working in the same schools and districts where you might find yourself working. That means that your professors might be able to offer relevant advice tailored to your potential students. A local program might even be able to assist you in organizing any necessary field experience you might need, using their relationships with local schools and districts. On top of that, you might not only to meet new people as passionate about education as you are, but get to know people who might live and work in the same schools you might find yourself in.

If you’re interested in earning your education graduate degree in a new city, you could get to know the educational community there. You might learn about the needs of students in that area, influenced by the local culture. Plus, you might get to know teachers and administrators by collaborating with them in the graduate school classroom, making new friends and even taking advantage of valuable professional networking opportunities.

Basics of Graduate Schools for Education

Deciding which education graduate schools you might want to attend may hinge on your professional experience, your education, and your goals. For example, some programs might be oriented toward active teachers and those holding a bachelor’s in education. These might have some prerequisites like classroom experience or an active certification. If you’re new to the field altogether, you might wish to find programs that incorporate some of the requirements for earning your certification.

Graduate programs in education might enable you to study a concentration in specific subject areas within your field. Some programs might focus on the needs of certain age groups, like K-12 Education, Early Childhood, or Adult Education or serving certain unique student populations like Special Education, or ESL/TESOL. Others may help you  learn about education delivery formats like Educational Technology & Online Learning, or even prepare for roles not limited to the classroom, such as Educational & School Psychology or Educational Leadership & Administration.

Education graduate schools might offer programs at the Master’s or Doctoral level, as well as a variety of Graduate Certificate programs, making it possible for you to find a program tailored to your educational background and experience, as well as your career and interests.

On Campus Education Master’s of Education Programs

Education master’s programs may include Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.), Master of Education (M.Ed.), and Master of Science in Education programs, among other potential degree types. The similarities and differences between these may vary by program and subject area. So how do you know which programs to consider for master’s degrees in education?

When choosing your preferred master’s programs, consider your professional or academic goals for after you’ve earned your degree. Are you interested in pursuing a certain position, or do you want to go on to earn your doctorate? Whatever your goals are, once you’ve identified schools that offer master’s programs that might be a good fit, reach out for more information about how each one might help prepare you to accomplish those objectives.

Campus Based Doctorate in Education Programs

Similar to education master’s programs, you might encounter a few different types of doctoral programs, including, for example, Ph.D. in education, and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) programs. While the specifics are likely to vary based on your area of study, some Ed.D. programs may be oriented toward educators in leadership and administrative roles, whereas some Ph.D. programs in education might focus more on designing, conducting, and analyzing education research. Additional degree types may also be available, especially within certain programs such as educational psychology or school psychology, which might include some additional degree types unique to the psychology field. Because of the variety of potential doctoral programs you might consider, thinking about how you'd like to apply your degree in your career might be one way to narrow down which ones might be a good fit for you.

On Campus Education Graduate Certificate Programs

Education graduate certificate programs might be an option, whether you currently hold a bachelor’s degree in education, or even if you’ve already earned your master’s degree or higher. Usually shorter than a full degree program, graduate certificate programs might offer the opportunity to learn more about a specific topic or skill at the master’s or post-master’s level. In some cases, the credits earned in a graduate certificate program might even be applicable toward the completion of a master’s degree program later on, depending on the preferences of the programs in question.

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Ready to find and apply to education graduate schools? If you’re interested in concentrating on a specific subject area or degree level, feel free to select those preferences above to read more about those particular programs. You might also choose to filter based on your preferred location. Once you’re ready, start reading about your potential graduate schools, and reach out to the ones you may be interested in for more information about their education programs and other questions you might have, or even begin your application. Don’t wait any longer to find your education graduate school!

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