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Educational technology degree online graduate programs offer students a convenient way to advance their knowledge and skills. The programs also help students learn how to prepare for a variety of potential new and emerging occupations in education.[i] We live in a digitally driven age where multiple media platforms are used in teaching. These media platforms are used within classrooms, boardrooms and homes. They also are used from e-learning to instructional videos and software specifically designed for tablets and mobile devices. You may want to bring some of this educational technology into your workplace, your school, or create online course curriculums. Whatever your academic and personal goals, distance-learning can be a wonderfully convenient method. Distance-learning may help you earn an educational technology degree!

Educational Technology Degree Online

Basics of Educational Technology Degree Online Programs

Educational technology degree online programs may appeal to working professionals and aspiring accredited teachers who have a Bachelor’s degree. Educational technology degree online programs may also appeal to licensed educators with busy schedules who are unable to commute to a residential program at graduate school. Offered as online graduate certificates, teacher endorsements, master’s and doctorate degrees, distance-learning programs are designed to provide some scheduling flexibility. While each program and graduate school differs in their course content and format, working towards your educational technology degree online may involve:

  • Courses delivered through technology (computers, tablets, live streaming and pre-taped webinars, video conferencing, online tutorials)
  • Use of emails, web cams, and online group discussion boards
  • Virtual libraries and online resources
  • Could be a mirror of residential program in terms of course selections and lectures
  • Might be either or both asynchronous and synchronous in terms of format
  • Program completion may or may not lead to licensure preparation
  • An autonomous personality, able to learn independently
  • In some cases, may entail: week-end in residence workshops, intensives or meetings on campus in addition to online learning

DID YOU KNOW? Developments in virtual reality technologies help to expand learning opportunities for disabled persons. Higher education is committed to all kinds of technological innovation[ii].

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology Online

Current teachers and professionals seeking a shorter term option to a full graduate degree may appreciate earning an endorsement or graduate certificate in educational technology online. While program lengths and number of credits vary, certificates can take a year to complete full time (which could equal about 18 credits). State Education Boards usually have specific requirements for teaching licenses in terms of what one can teach. In the case of endorsements, these indicate which subject areas one is allowed to teach in a specific state. So, it is recommended that you verify whether an out of state endorsement would be transferable.

Find an Online Masters Educational Technology Program

Do you want to potentially oversee school curriculums and teaching standards or develop instructional materials and products that assist in education?[iii]If so, look into options for online masters in educational technology programs. Each online educational technology degree has unique features. Some degrees focus on cognition in education and how to design instructional online material. Other degrees may focus on how to use educational technology with specific grade levels or how to prepare for a potential career as a technology specialist. Usually earning a master’s in educational technology requires 2 years of full-time study, a thesis or capstone project, and a Bachelor’s degree. However, these are variables and it is preferable to use guidelines from each graduate school.

Find Online Doctorate Programs in Educational Technology

The sophistication of online learning has enabled online doctorate programs in educational technology to flourish. Often this level of study requires advanced and independent research methodology, analytics and topics such as educational policy. Some programs may build on the Master’s degree. Other programs may accept students with a Bachelor’s degree as long as they have specific requisite courses. Program lengths can vary (sometimes 3 to 6 years) between schools. The length of the program often depends on the educational background.


Accreditation is the quality assurance through an outside peer review. Look for an accredited educational technology degree online graduate program and graduate school. There are two types of accreditation – institutional and Professional[iv]. Institutions might maintain accreditation from a regional accreditor. Institutions may also main accreditation from several professional accreditors such as the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

Educational Technology Degree: Pathway to New and Emerging Options?

One thing is certain – education and technology are partners. And, as telecommunications applications improve, it is giving rise to ‘new and emerging’ specialist occupations such as[v]:

  • School diagnosticians
  • Distance learning coordinators
  • Technology infusion specialists
  • Directors of technology
  • Technology coordinator

Most employers, especially in public schools, require professionals working in instructional coordination occupations to have a master’s degree.[vi]. So, while a degree is not a guarantee, it may be to take the next academic step and to potentially open yourself to ‘new and emerging’ career paths.

Take the Next Step

Are you interested in potentially boosting your current career? Or, are you initiating a new vocational pathway? No matter your desired path, the time may be favorable to look into educational technology degree online graduate programs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth in some of these fields is projected to increase by about 7% from 2014 to 2024[vii]. Start browsing our sponsored listings to find choices. These potential selections could include the following degree types:

  • Online Doctor of Education –Learning Analytics in Higher Education
  • Online M.A. in Learning Design and Technology
  • Online Master of Science in Instructional Design & Technology

Where you can, visit the school site and/or request information from each school. Ask them about their unique curriculum and how they format their online program. Also, be sure to inquire about the deadline date for application submission.

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