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Educational research graduate degree programs prepare students for a rewarding career in higher education, government agencies, think tanks, and non-profit organizations. Many new ideas and improved practices in education are research-based. In an increasingly data-driven society, it’s important to employ educational researchers who are qualified to ask the right questions and effectively report on meaningful educational issues in an organized, methodical manner. If you’re passionate about improving education policy, and enjoy meticulously collecting and analyzing data, you may want to consider a graduate degree in educational research.

Some educational research degree programs are broad, focusing on general research, measurement, and evaluation – while other graduate degrees are more field-specific, applicable to public policy, psychology, special education, or technical education.

Educational Research Graduate Degree

To narrow down your education options, it’s useful to filter your search by degree. At the Masters level, you may be attracted to a Master’s of Science in Research Administration. While at the Doctoral level, you may gravitate toward a PhD in Educational Psychology, Measurement, and Evaluation. Or if you’re just looking for an introduction to the field, you’ll find that a Certificate in Educational Research and Evaluation is best suited for your educational needs.

Whether you’re looking for an educational research program close to home or far away, keep in mind that you can filter your graduate search by location to find the ideal domestic or international locale. Don’t delay – follow your passion and begin your search for the perfect educational research program today!

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