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Economics Graduate programs offer students the opportunity to prepare themselves for a variety of potential careers in business and government. An on-campus Economics program offers students the opportunity to network and interact with professors and classmates. Often programs hold classes in evenings or weekends to accommodate the busy adult, so pursuing advanced education does not necessarily mean you have to give up your current job or other duties. 

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Whether you are seeking a business administration degree that emphasizes Economics or one that emphasizes Economics theory and application, there are many different options and specializations that one can choose from. Some Economics programs build their curriculums around economic theory including advanced graduate programs in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and research methodology; applied economic research is also required. Others emphasize business skills such as leadership and strategy. 

Looking for an Economics Graduate School?

Remember that you want to look for an Economics Graduate School that is accredited by the AACSB. To find an Economics program that aligns with your goals, use the search tools on You might start with a location search to find the best schools for Economics in a specific city, state or country.  Refine that search by degree level, choosing the certificate, masters or doctorate tabs to browse the listings. Some of the options for campus-based programs might include an Economic Development Graduate Certificate, Economics MBA, Master of Science in Applied Economics, MS Health economics and Decision Modeling, masters degree in Global Political Economy and Finance, and PhD in Economics.

Requesting information from each school allows you to compare the different curriculums and program format as well as to get a sense of the campus and what the college experience might be like there. If you prefer the social learning environment so you can interact with others in real-time, have access to the university facilities and services, then an onsite Economics grad program is likely a perfect fit. 

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