Pennsylvania Economics Graduate Programs (Hybrid)

Hybrid Economics Graduate Programs​ combine the flexibility of online courses with the interactive aspect of college campus courses. Busy professionals seeking to advance their education by earning an Economics degree might find this a convenient way to update credentials, and potentially prepare them for career advancement.

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An Economics program investigates quantitative techniques, and the application of theory to modern economic problems. Many programs emphasize the application of original research skills, as well as offer courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and research methodology. 

Some of the more common foundational courses in hybrid economics graduate programs might include:

  • Public Policy
  • Financial Economics
  • Macroeconomy
  • International Economic Development
  • Environmental Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Statistics

Salary Potential for Graduates of Economics Graduate Programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2015 median annual salary for economists was $99,180. Median salaries varied according to the industry in which the economist was employed, for example; economists employed in the finance and insurance industry earned a 2015 median annual salary of $118,410, while those employed in state and local governements earned a 2015 median annual salary of $67,930.

Search for Hybrid Economics Graduate Programs

Many of the best schools for graduate degrees in Economics have hybrid programs. Search for them using the location tabs, to find programs by city, state or country. Refine this search by degree type to find graduate certificate, masters and PhD programs in Economics. You can also look for business administration programs that highlight Economics.

While a Masters in Economics is typically considered the

qualification for entry-level employment, students looking for top economist positions often pursue a PhD in economics track. Review programs such as an International Family and Community Studies Graduate Certificate, or Master of Business Administration with health Care Management Emphasis.

Whatever your career and educational aspirations, a hybrid economics program may offer a viable way for you to pursue your goals. Start reviewing your options today!

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