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If you’re looking for a flexible class schedule or to attend a school distant from where you live, online social media graduate programs and e-commerce education may provide a wonderful option. Through online education in social media and e-commerce, students have an opportunity to learn the business, technical, and management components of social media and e-commerce. As they engage in what might be a rigorous study of business and technology (in areas such as marketing, finance, computer science, and information systems), they often learn how to design, maintain, and expand electronic business and social environments. Professionals educated in e-commerce and social media may use their knowledge and skills to develop and manage systems such as virtual enterprises, virtual banking, network marketing, online transactions (including payment, shopping, and advertising), and other electronic-business components and solutions. Read below for more information on online ecommerce and social media graduate programs.

Many people develop their knowledge and skills in e-commerce and social media by pursuing graduate-level certificates, master’s degrees, or doctorate degrees in the subjects. Depending on the program, they may develop technical skills in areas such as programming, software engineering, and database technologies, and their business acumen in areas such as marketing, finance, and communications. With the proliferation of online marketplaces, social media sites, and numerous other electronic applications and platforms, this type of knowledge and skillset may be critical to business success. 

What Might I Study in a Social Media and E-Commerce Online Program?

Social media are tools that help people, companies, and organizations create, share, and exchange information in virtual networks and communities.[i] The social media industry depends on

web-based technologies and highly interactive platforms through which people may share content. Over time, social media have made substantial and pervasive changes to the ways businesses, organizations, communities, and people communicate.[ii] Meanwhile, e-commerce comprises the electronic tools and platforms that businesses, organizations, communities, and people use to facilitate trade of products or services.[iii] Graduate-level certificate and degree programs may help students gain knowledge and skills in creating, managing, and marketing these social media and e-commerce tools, technologies, and platforms.  

What Types of Social Media Degrees and E-Commerce Degrees May I Be Able to Pursue Online?

There are three primary types of graduate-level programs in social media and e-commerce: certificates, master’s degree programs, and doctorate degree programs.

Social Media and E Commerce Certificate Programs

Graduate-level certificate programs are typically four- to six-course programs in which students learn about the technical and managerial components critical for e-business success. Students commonly take introductory courses in subjects such as e-commerce, systems architecture, computer programming, client-server computing, java, and others. Depending on the program, they may also study subjects such as social media management and electronic marketing. Students who earn their e-commerce and social media certificate online typically gain an introduction to social media and e-commerce education or focus their knowledge in a particular area.

The Master’s in Social Media and E Commerce Degree

Master’s-level e-commerce and social media degree programs typically offer two types of degrees: the Master of Science and the Master of Business Administration (MBA). Within these types of degrees, there are numerous designations such as the MBA with an emphasis in social media or e-commerce; the Master of Science in Information Systems, Information Technology, or E-Business Management; the Master of Science in E-Commerce with an emphasis on social media marketing; or the Master of Science in Social Media with an emphasis on e-commerce. These are just some of the many types of master’s degree programs in e-commerce and social media online. 

Students typically pursue their master’s degrees in social media and e-commerce through one to two years of fulltime online study.  Program lengths vary by school. You may read more about master’s degree-level e-commerce and social media degrees here.

The Doctorate in Social Media and E-Commerce Degree

There are typically two designations for doctorate-level degrees in social media and e-commerce: the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Doctorate-level programs are typically research-intensive and involve curricula that help students learn how to establish and manage e-business and technological applications and solutions. Students may also discover how to actively participate in the evolution and innovation of e-commerce and social media as fields.  

Doctor in Business Administration degree programs typically emphasize areas of business in relationship to social media and e-commerce. Doctor of Philosophy degree programs typically emphasize areas of technology, management, and marketing in relationship to social media and e-commerce. What you’ll have a chance to learn in your online doctorate in social media and e-commerce degree program depends, of course, on your particular program.  

To earn their doctorate degrees online, students commonly complete coursework over the course of four to six years of fulltime study. Program lengths vary by school.  Many doctorate programs conclude with the completion of a dissertation and comprehensive exam.

As you’re looking for online social media and e-commerce programs, keep in mind that they manyly exist under two broader subjects: business and technology. Therefore, many schools offer certificates and degrees in e-commerce and social media through their business administration, information systems, or computer science programs.

What Knowledge and Skills Might I Develop in Online E-commerce and Social Media Graduate Programs?

Students in online certificate, master’s degree, and doctorate degree programs might develop knowledge and skills in areas such as e-business technology; e-commerce marketing; and e-commerce website design, functionality, and development. They may also become skilled at writing and operating technical strategies, using a broad range of digital marketing and management techniques, and navigating a global digital environment. Depending on the Online ECommerce and Social Media Graduate Programs, students may become adept at applying these and other knowledge and skills to business areas such as finance and marketing. In master’s and doctorate programs, they may develop their researching, writing, and presentation skills.  

Why Study E-Commerce and Social Media Online?

Here are some of the potential benefits of pursuing your certificate, master’s degree, or doctorate degree in e-commerce and social media online:

  • Your schedule will likely be more flexible, enabling you to pursue your education even as you work fulltime or otherwise manage a full schedule
  • You may pursue your degree through a school distant from where you live, enabling you to apply to the schools of your choice
  • Many online programs offer dynamic learning spaces in which students may interact, utilize multiple media, and even access online libraries, study halls, and other resources

An online program may also be great for you if you’re a self-starter who may manage your own workload and find the time, space, and resources to dedicate yourself to online learning.  

Online ECommerce and Social Media Graduate Programs: What is the Next Step?

To get a better sense of what certificate, master’s degree, and doctorate degree programs are available in social media and e-commerce, you may look through our listings below. Each features a link you may follow to learn more about the program and an option to request additional information. You may browse all levels of graduate education through this section. Even better, each of the schools you’ll find on are accredited, which may help ensure the quality of programs, curricula, and teaching faculty

Should you want to narrow your search, you may do so to the left of your screen. There you’ll find an option to browse by program level (certificate, master’s, or doctorate). Select the type of education you’d like to pursue, and you’ll be directed to a list of programs at your level. We wish you luck! 

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