Online Early Childhood Education Graduate Programs

Online Early Childhood Education Graduate Programs Overview

Online Early Childhood Education Graduate Programs explore the educational needs of young children and the most effective ways to teach them through convenient online coursework. If you’re a passionate teacher, earning an Early Childhood Education Degree online might help you hone your skills and expertise, while continuing to be there for your students during the day. Through a combination of courses in childhood development and instruction, you might not only develop a better understanding of young students but learn to design lesson plans and teaching methods to match their needs. Online Early Childhood Education Graduate Programs might also explore facets of ECE outside the classroom, including curriculum design, educational research and policy. Programs may be available for both experienced teachers and those new to the field, so whatever your background, a Graduate Early Childhood Edcation Online Program may be for you.

Popular Schools with Online Early Childhood Education Programs – Degrees

ProgramInstitutionDegree Awarded
Early Childhood Education Emergent Inquiry Graduate CertificateEast Tennessee State UniversityN/A
Ed.S. in Early Childhood EducationGeorgia Southern UniversityMS
Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) MSTFordham UniversityMSEd
Early Childhood EducationEmporia State UniversityMS
Child DevelopmentUniversity of La VerneMS
Early Childhood EducationUniversity of Louisiana At MonroeMS
Doctor of Education – Early Childhood Education Northcentral UniversityN/A
M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education (NITL)Grand Canyon UniversityMEd
M.A. Early Childhood EducationPacific Oaks CollegeMA
Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Early Childhood Education (Pre-K – Grade 3)Notre Dame College Of OhioN/A
Master of Arts in Teaching Interdisciplinary Early Childhood EducationCampbellsville UniversityN/A
MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Early Childhood EducationLiberty University OnlineN/A

Benefits of Online Early Childhood Education Graduate Programs

Online Early Childhood Education Graduate Programs may allow you to access similar coursework and resources as on campus programs, but with an added level of convenience and flexibility. This could make them great for adult learners and working professionals. Since Online Early Childhood Education degree programs are available anywhere with internet access, you may be able to consider programs you might not have looked at if you had to commute. Not to mention you could be able to complete your coursework when and where is most convenient to you.

Plus, online programs may incorporate some of the same benefits as campus-based ones, like academic and career counseling, research materials, and online libraries. Some Online Early Childhood Education Graduate programs may also include practicums or research, allowing you to gain hands on experience at a location near you. But what if you want access to local campus resources? With the increasing ubiquity of technology in higher education, an increasing number of local graduate schools may offer partially or fully-online options. Often online students have full access to campuses, even if classes are taken at home.

Online education might be offered in a variety of formats, making it possible for you to find a program tailored to your learning style and needs. Whether that means live streaming lectures and emulating a physical classroom experience , or emphasizing as much independence and flexibility as possible, you might find Online Early Childhood Education Programs that work for you.

What Grades Are Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education may cover preschool through third grade. However this varies by state. To cover this range, Online Early Childhood Education Graduate Programs typically focus on children up to the age of eight. You might explore the developmental and emotional needs of this age group, as well as learn more about their cognitive, motor and social skills. This understanding could then be used to develop effective teaching strategies, design curricula and perform research tailored to young students.

Basics of Online Early Childhood Education Graduate Programs

Online early childhood education graduate programs include those at the masters and doctoral levels, as well as programs to earn graduate certificates. As such, no matter where you are in your post-baccalaureate education, online programs may be out there at the level you need, with the flexibility to work around your life and schedule.

Earn Your Online Masters Early Childhood Education Degree

Online Early Childhood Education Masters Programs might award a variety of different degree types upon completion, such as a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), a Master of Science (MS) or Master of Education (M.Ed.), to name a few. The specific details of each program may vary between individual online schools, so be sure to read program details carefully. That being said, MAT and MS programs often focus on developing skills to support work in the classroom. This might contrast with some M.Ed. programs, which may allow students to focus on learning about research practices in the education field, or aim to support current or future roles at the administrative level or in non-classroom settings.

When choosing a program to earn a Online Master Early Childhood Education degree, one important distinction may be whether the program is designed with active teaching professionals in mind, or for students who may be new to the field. This may impact the prerequisites for acceptance—such as experience and certification status—as well as the curriculum. You might also wish to consider your academic and professional goals. Some students may prefer a program that helps them prepare for a doctoral program, while others may be more interested in taking their new skills and knowledge into the field.

For those interested in teaching, it could be important to consider licensure. All states require teachers in public schools to be licensed or certified.i Therefore, some Online Master Early Childhood Education programs are designed to help students pursue licensure in certain states. This may be especially important for those new to the field. Additionally, while a bachelors degree is typically required for licensure, some states require all teachers to earn a masters degree after receiving their teaching certification.i However its important to note that every state and program is different. Make sure the program supports licensure in the state you wish to pursue work in if this is important to you.

Online Early Childhood Education Doctoral Programs

Online Early Childhood Education Doctorate Programs may be offered in either a partially or fully online format and award several different types of degrees. Common degree offerings include Ph.D. and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) programs. However these may vary on an individual basis depending on a number of factors, such as your concentration area within early childhood education and the program’s goal.

Most Online Doctorate in Early Childhood Education programs are research focused, and therefore may require students to conduct their own studies and complete a disseration. This could be great for those interested in academic roles or in pursuing research to further the field. Depending on the school, students may fufill these requirements independently or be required to travel to certain locations.

Others doctoral programs may focus more heavily on administrative or leadership positions. While there could still be a research component, courses may cover more topics in policy and curriculum design. Every program is different so follow up directly to learn more.

Graduate Early Childhood Education Certificate Online

Online Early Childhood Graduate Certificate Programs may be offered at both the masters or post-masters level. That means that, whether you’re new to graduate education or have already earned a masters degree, Early Childhood Certificate Online Programs may be available for you. Why earn a graduate certificate? In addition to generally being shorter than a full degree program, online graduate certificate programs may allow you to focus on learning about one topic in-depth. Moreover, if you decide later you want to earn a graduate degree, you may even be able to apply certificate credits towards the completion of that degree, depending on the requirements and compatibility of the programs in question. And doing it online means you might fit it comfortably into your life, completing your course requirements from your computer, when and where works for you.

Top States for Employment for Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education
StateEmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
New York6,770$71,400

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top Salary Metro Areas in the United States: Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education
Metro AreaAnnual Mean SalaryEmployment
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT$80,510370
Springfield, MA-CT$77,790270
Sacramento–Roseville–Arden-Arcade, CA$75,610890
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT$75,290420
Visalia-Porterville, CA$74,050340

Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Top 44 Graduate Schools with Online Early Childhood Education Graduate Programs

  • Northcentral University

  • Grand Canyon University

  • Pacific Oaks College

  • Notre Dame College Of Ohio

  • Campbellsville University

  • Liberty University Online

  • East Tennessee State University

  • Georgia Southern University

  • Fordham University

  • Emporia State University

  • University of La Verne

  • University of Louisiana At Monroe