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A Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Graduate Program has the potential to open many different professional opportunities. The directory has over 1,900 Law and Criminal Justice Graduate Programs in a variety of subjects from Criminology and Criminal Justice to Juris Doctor and Paralegal Studies. If you were seeking a career-focused program that can prepare for jobs in law enforcement, corrections, courts, and security administration, a Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Degree would be a good match for you. The direction you take within a Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Program will depend on your where you want to specialize.

A vocation in criminal justice starts with a heartfelt wish to serve your community, whether by upholding social control, deterring and mitigating crime, or sanctioning the violators of the laws. Graduates with Degrees in Criminal Justice can find a variety of job possibilities from paralegal and private investigators, to criminologists, FBI agents, federal law enforcers, and police officers.

A career in law can also be a very rewarding option, so if you are more drawn to the idea of investigating cases, researching the law, preparing legal documents, then a Degree in Legal Studies can provide the relevant education.

The Hybrid format of learning combines taking some courses online and some courses on-campus, so it has the appeal of being flexible to your schedule as well as giving you access to all the benefits of the college experience and facilities. This is a great format if you are going back to school, have a job or other commitments, or just like the low residency aspect. Ready to search for Hybrid Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Programs? You can perform an easy location search to determine where they are offered. Just use the tabs to enter a city, state or country and browse results. Then you can search by Hybrid Criminal Justice & Legal Degree level. Some of these choices include a Hybrid Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, a Hybrid Master in National Security Affairs, or a Hybrid Cyber Security Certificate Graduate Certificate.

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