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Criminal Justice Graduate Programs on Campus​ Programs that are offered on campus offer students a hands-on learning environment for more in depth study in the field of criminology and the legal system. Increasing concern over homeland security and emphasis on education in law enforcement agencies has led to a greater demand for qualified criminal justice administrators. If you already have a bachelor's degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college and want to potentially further your career by earning an advanced criminal justice degree, there are a variety of options in terms of graduate programs to choose from. Choosing a Criminal Justice Graduate degree should align with your interests and current level of academics.  Whether you are interested in working in cyber crime, forensics, investigation, law enforcement administration, organizational security, legal studies, homeland security, terrorism and mediation, or public administration and public policy, these are all directions that taking the next step might lead to.

Graduate Criminal Justice Campus Programs Information

Why Choose a Campus-Based Criminal Justice Graduate Program?

Today’s Criminal Justice Graduate Schools often schedule classes in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate the needs of working students. This can be quite an incentive, especially if you like the idea of a social learning environment instead of a web-based one. While undergraduate degree classes may be fairly large, it is not unusual that graduate-level ones be smaller with more face-to-face time with faculty, and opportunity to increase your networks. Plus, being onsite gives you access to the college or university’s facilities – libraries, learning laboratories, gymnasiums, and social services are possible perks.

In terms of finding Criminal Justice Graduate Schools, initiate a location search on; use the city, state

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What Types of Campus Criminal Justice Degrees are there?

To narrow down your search, choosing the type of Criminal Justice grad degree you require is helpful; masters, graduate certificates and PhD programs are available. Naturally, there are some things you can do to prepare for your search. For instance, in the event you are thinking about your master's degree, you probably already know what specialization in the criminal justice field interests you most. This may be management, investigative or technology-oriented, or you may be more interested in the justice system, or even come from a social work background. Whatever your chosen profession, find out which academic path supports it. If you will be seeking a doctorate degree, make sure your master’s degree is in line with this decision.

Criminal Justice Graduate Programs on Campus​ Programs

While you may earn a general master's degree in the field, you have a broad choice of specializations - and your particular specialization will determine what universities give you the best options. Some schools may have a stand-out public administration program, while others may have a great reputation for forensic investigation or homeland security.

In general, if a program is designated as a Master of Arts, it may have a more liberal arts focus; Law enforcement administration, organizational security, legal studies, homeland security, terrorism and mediation and public policy usually are offered as a Master of Arts degree.

If, on the other hand, it is designated as a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, it may emphasize more research or analysis. Specializations such as forensic science, criminology, cyber-crime and behavior analysis and forensic psychology are usually offered as part of a Master of Science degree. Note that some schools have a dual degree option that combines a JD with an MS CJ.

Listings might include campus programs such as Master of Public Administration: Criminal Justice Concentration, Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, Criminology and Justice with Sociology, Criminal Justice MA. Request information from each graduate school to check out their course curriculum, and whether there is any freedom to tailor the program to suit your goals. Since there are thesis and non-thesis options, if you plan to pursue a PhD, it may be advisable to choose a thesis program.

Campus Criminal Justice PhD Programs

Doctoral degree programs in Criminal Justice are designed to develop students' advanced research skills and knowledge of theories, trends and practices in the field. Individuals who complete a Ph.D. program may be prepared for work in academia, high-level administration or field-specific research. Typically, this level of academics involves a lot of research. Some programs may be exclusively focused on the study of criminal justice and offer specializations in such areas as organizational leadership, public administration, behavioral science or homeland security. Others may offer criminal justice as a concentration through a larger public safety or business administration Ph.D. program

Campus Graduate Certificates in Criminal Justice

Earning a graduate certificate in criminal justice such as an MBA with Criminal Justice, MSBA Criminal Justice Leadership or Law Enforcement Leadership might not only boost your credentials but also, help you cultivate expertise.

Ready to Search for Criminal Justice Graduate Programs on Campus?

Several of your potential career choices with a Criminal Justice Graduate degree involve some sort of management, whether it is emergency management, crime scene or critical incident management, or the administration of organizations and functions. Prepare for your next step with a Criminal Justice grad program that aligns with your goals!

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