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Hybrid marriage and family therapy graduate programs, also referred to as partially-online programs, could help prepare you to provide important services to families and couples in the community, through a convenient format designed to fit into your life. Hybrid programs try to unite the flexibility inherent in online education with the resources and stability of a local graduate school. Read on to learn why hybrid marriage and family counseling graduate programs may be a great fit for you!

About Hybrid Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Programs

As a marriage and family therapist or counselor, you might provide counseling services to groups from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and social situations, facing a variety of unique obstacles. As such, in a hybrid marriage and family therapy graduate program, you may study topics such as:

  • Developmental psychology
  • Human sexuality
  • LGBT issues
  • Psychopharmacology
  • The needs of individual religious, economic, and cultural groups.  

If you’re seeking to jumpstart a new career, you might prefer marriage and family therapy programs that aim to establish a broad foundation of skills and knowledge. If you have more specific career goals, you may wish to enroll in a program with a more concentrated focus, such as on the needs of a specific group, or on addressing certain issues, like trauma or grief counseling. You might also seek schools with a certain philosophy or preferred therapy model. Whatever your criteria, it may be beneficial to also consider you programs accredited by CACREP, as some employers may prioritize students who graduated from these.i

Choosing Your Hybrid Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Programs

Hybrid marriage and family therapy graduate programs seek to present a useful compromise between the potential benefits and resources found in online and local graduate school programs. Attending a hybrid marriage and family therapy program may be a great choice for a number of reasons. The flexibility of the online component could allow you to continue working in your current career while you attend, potentially helping to fund your education. Plus, that flexibility might enable you to pursue valuable field experience opportunities to enhance your education.

Other potential benefits of attending hybrid MFT graduate programs may include:

  • The ability to access and complete course materials from your own computer
  • Campus resources like libraries, computer labs, research assistance, and academic support
  • Social and networking opportunities, through events and organizations on campus

The specific services, facilities, and other qualities of your program may vary. If you have specific services you need your program to provide, you may wish to follow up with schools under consideration for additional information.

Hybrid Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Programs

Earning your masters in marriage and family therapy is a prerequisite for licensure in many states throughout the USA. A hybrid masters programs may provide the opportunity to earn a masters in marriage and family therapy degree in a way that fits your lifestyle. You could enjoy the potential flexibilty of online learning without sacrificing access to resources on a physical campus. 

Beyond earning your masters degree, the specific requirements for licensure may vary depending what state you plan on living and working in. As such, it may be useful to review the requirements in your state for working in your field as a counselor or therapist before choosing your program. It might be beneficial to attend a hybrid marriage and family counseling masters program in that same state. Programs may be more likely to support licensure requirements. Plus, you could have the opportunity to develop relationships in the community, making the transition into your potential career that much easier.

Earn a PsyD or PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy

Attending hybrid marriage and family counseling doctoral programs, you may have both the resources and flexibility at your disposal to succeed. By combining flexible online study with the resources of a physical graduate school, you may be able to fit your studies into your responsibilities at work and at home, with the support and resources you need to conduct research and flourish academically.

Hybrid marriage and family therapy doctoral program might confer one of several degree types upon completion of the program, including PhD programs and Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) to name a few. Where one Ph.D. program may focus on designing, conducting, and analyzing research as it pertains to marriage and family therapy, another Psy.D. program may emphasize clinical application of that knowledge to help patients. However, many programs may vary on an individual basis, as well as be influenced by a student’s topic of research or study, faculty mentor, and other factors. Read program listings carefully and contact your preferred programs for details to find a great partially online marriage and family therapy doctoral program for you.

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