New Mexico Career Counseling Graduate Programs

Why Career Counseling Graduate Programs?

Every month, there are millions of Americans unemployed and looking for jobs. These individuals may turn to Career Counselors to help them in their search. With Career Counseling Graduate Programs, you’ll have the tools, knowledge and credentials to work for a Recruiting Agency or open your own Career Counseling practice. You’ll then have the skills to help individuals and groups as well as run career advice presentations and seminars. A Career Counselor Degree offers you the possibility of helping others while being your own boss!                              

Graduate Degree in Career Counseling - Why Earn One?

Career Counseling students will not only learn resume building tips and how to prep job-seekers for interviews, but might also obtain insights into the psychology of decision-making, the economics of the labor force and leadership skills required in the field. Certified, post-Master’s Teachers can also benefit from enrolling in Certificate Career Counseling Programs as graduates will have the tools to guide students on how to pursue their desired career path.                               

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Masters in Career Counseling

You can learn more about Career Counseling Graduate Programs at the Advanced Grad Certificate, MA & MS Career Counseling degree levels. You may earn a degree in as little as 1 year!   

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