United States Hybrid Art Therapy Graduate Programs & Art Therapy Graduate Schools

Art can be a very therapeutic activity for people who are in the midst of emotional distress, and hybrid art therapy graduate programs may be the road to a rewarding and expressive career path. Art therapy is a specific type of psychotherapy that promotes self-expression through drawing, painting, and other mediums of art in order to serve both as treatment and to diagnose patients. Art therapists have a background in counseling psychology so they can help treat patients express their feelings with art in order to achieve a catharsis that contributes to their wellbeing.

When looking into a hybrid or low residency art therapy program, consider the different types of degrees you can earn, for example Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology: Art Therapy, Master of Creative Arts Therapy, and Master of Art Therapy. Beyond the master’s level, you might be interested in a PhD Doctorate in Art Therapies degree or a PhD Doctorate in Art Therapy degree.

A low residency art therapy grad program offers the best of both worlds—the convenience of online learning on your own time and the social and intellectual network of peers who are interested in entering the same profession as you.

Think outside the canvas and turn your passion for art into an education path headed towards being an art therapist. We’ll help you find the perfect hybrid art therapy grad program today!

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