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Why consider Conflict Resolution Degree Programs? Pursuing a peace and conflict studies graduate program can be a great way to help prepare yourself for a career in the field. If you’re not already aware, conflict and peace studies is an area of social science that analyzes violent and non-violent behavior and the structural mechanisms that lead to conflict with the goal of using this understanding to promote peace and a healthy human condition. Professionals in peace and conflict management may work in a wide variety of areas including international criminal courts or tribunals; civil-military relations; community-based restorative justice; human rights protection and monitoring; local peace-building training; nuclear and small arms proliferation and more.

Types of Conflict Resolution Degree Programs

So what types of programs are the best conflict resolution graduate programs out there for you? Your options include degrees like a Certificate in Justice and Peace Studies, a Master in Dispute Resolution, or a Ph.D. in War Studies Research, all different types of conflict resolution degree.

And we can help simplify your search! Just filter by degree for Masters in Conflict Resolution such as Masters Programs in Conflict and Peace Studies or PhD in Peace Studies such as Peace and Conflict Studies Ph.D. Doctorate Graduate Programs. If you’re looking to make a career shift or just starting out, you may want to consider a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management. Or search online conflict resolution graduate degrees.

Narrow Your Search and Begin Your Conflict Resolution Degree

Now, where would you like to learn? Filter your search by location to find a wide variety of accredited peace studies colleges in your area—or around the world—that offer peace studies graduate programs. Just set your parameters and choose from the list of graduate schools for conflict and peace studies to find the right one for you!

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