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You’ve decided that you want to pursue a communications and public relations graduate program. That’s great! But, the commute and commitment to rigid scheduling can be daunting, or may not fit in with your lifestyle. An online graduate degree program places the classroom in your home, making your educational pursuit more convenient and flexible. Gaining the knowledge to make the next big push in your career, or pursuing a new occupation altogether, could be easier to incorporate into your daily schedule. Working 9 to 5? Or perhaps you’re caring for your family? An online communications and public relations graduate program could be the best way to have your cake and eat it too. Keep reading for more top Online Communications and Public Relations Graduate Programs information!

Online Communication and Public Relations Grad Degrees

Pursuing an Online Communications & Public Relations Degree Program: The Basics

Earning an online graduate degree in communications and public relations could be a great way to address a myriad of career concerns. Those new to the field could gain valuable skills that may enable them to confidently enter the industry. Those already participating in the field may find contemporary skills to boost their day-to-day work. Or, those same industry-folk may be able to seek career enhancement because of their newfound knowledge.

Earning a graduate degree in communications and public relations may not limit you to the field exclusively. These Online Communications and Public Relations Graduate Programs degrees could provide you access to pursue such roles such as:

  • Public Relation Specialists
  • Editors
  • News Analysts
  • Writers[i]

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the communications and public relations field could possibly see a 4% growth in employment from 2014 to 2024.[ii] It may be a great time to enter the communications industry.

Which Online Communications & Public Relations Degree Program May be Perfect for You?

Scanning the lists of possible communications and public relations degree programs may seem overwhelming when you first start. Thinking about your own needs and goals could help narrow down the field! Are you currently in the media and communications field? If not, do you already hold an undergraduate degree? What are your career goals when earning a graduate degree? Knowing the answer to these questions could be a good start to start browsing the program listings below.

Master’s in Communications Programs

Master’s degree programs could be a great place to start for current media professionals, or for new participants looking to gain a working knowledge of the industry.  When applying, applicants may be required to hold a 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA in addition to GRE exam scores. Perspective students may also be asked to submit documents such as official transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal essays, CVs, and resumes.

You may come across some of the following degree programs in your search:

  • A Master of Arts in Communications program may offer concentrations in subjects like corporate communications and public relations. Students could have the opportunity to study subjects like brand production, media relations, and social media management.
  • The Master of Science in Communication: Integrated Marketing Communication (M.S.I.M.C) emphasizes the practical applications of the degree program by placing students in hands-on experiences. Many programs focus on case studies to increase students’ working knowledge of contemporary marketing methods and strategies. This could be a great start for those entering the industry because it may place you directly into actual career scenarios.

Doctorate in Communication Programs

If you’re pursuing a doctoral degree program, get ready to enter a competitive field. Due to both the coursework and intensity of the programs available, applicants usually could expect to supply both GRE exam scores and a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Once accepted into a program, students may expect the program to take anywhere from 4 to 5 years to complete. Program lengths vary by school.

A Doctorate in Communication & Public Relations may be one of the common degree programs that show up in your search. This degree program differs from master’s degree program offerings in that it aims to support a future academic career. Course work revolves around development and research of new contemporary methods, which students could then impart to others by taking on a communication and public relations education position.

Communication & Public Relations Certificate Programs

Graduate certificate programs may be a great option for those seeking to change career paths or for those looking to get some graduate degree coursework under their belts without committing to a master’s degree program timeline. The program length is accessible for those with busy schedules or looking to make a quick occupational changes: programs may take anywhere from one semester to a year depending on the program’s intensity and school. Admission requirements might be equally attainable, with programs typically requiring around a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and with many not requiring GRE scores.

Degree program course work may vary from school to school, however some common subjects could include:

  • Media Technology Strategies
  • Social Media
  • Writing & Editorial Skills
  • Crisis Management

Studying Online

When you’re considering a communications and public relations graduate program, a few aspects may seem daunting. What is your closest college campus? How long is the commute? Do the classes fit into my weekly schedule? An online class schedule could bypass these issues! With an online degree program, student may be able to access classes on their own time. You could log into classes when you have the time to sit down and study. Additionally, there’s no commute when you’re classroom is in your office. You may save yourself valuable time for other aspects of your lifestyle when you cut driving out of the equation.

But what about the traditional, on-campus experience? You may not miss it as much as you think! Some schools offer streamed lectures for students so that they get a taste of on-campus life. You may have access to a school’s online libraries and databases to assist your research and studies as well.

Plug in, log on, and get to studying!

Find a Perfect Online Communications and Public Relations Graduate Programs Today!

Now that you have this information regarding an online communications and public relations graduate program, you’re ready to take your next steps! could provide an assorted list of programs that could address your needs. Select your preferred online graduate degree program from the menus above to begin your search. With this information at your fingertips, you could find a perfect online communications and public relations graduate degree program today!

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