Boston MA Online Interpersonal Communication Graduate Programs & Grad Schools

Online interpersonal communication graduate programs are typically similar in learning goals and course content to campus-based programs.  Students in enrolled in an interpersonal communication program online will like participate in advanced coursework and research that helps them explore topics including; non-verbal communication, mass media, gender and communication, communication technologies, health communication, and family communication.  There are many other area's of focus within the field of graduate level interpersonal communication study as well.

Students can pursue an online interpersonal communication degree at all levels of graduate study, depending on the individuals career goals they might want to consider earning an online master's degree in interpersonal communication, a degree that may be applicable for those interested in using their knowledge of interpersonal communication in an applied setting in the workplace; or an online graduate certificate in interpersonal communication, a degree that might also be applied in practical settings, but is highly hyper-focused on one particular aspect of interpersonal communication; or an online Ph.D. in interpersonal communication, which may be best suited for individuals interested in pursuing a career in research or academia.

Online graduate programs in interpersonal communication use internet technology to assist students in accessing course content, participating in class discussions, and submitting assignments. If you are interested in pursuing your degree in interpersonal communication online you should be comfortable working in a virtual environment with modern internet communication applications.

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