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Interpersonal communication degree programs are designed to help students explore communication behavior among individuals and groups and the affects that communication has on individuals perceptions and responses to society.  Interpersonal communication graduate programs focus on explore a wide range of topics including; cross-cultural communication, communication and emotion, communicating information and advice, communication and aging, social cognition, negotiation, and decision making.  Some schools that offer graduate program in interpersonal communication might offer students the opportunity to specialize in a specific topic within the field, or even focus on the intersection of one or more topics.

Search for interpersonal communication programs by degree level and location on  Interpersonal communication degrees may be available in the form of graduate certificate programs in interpersonal communication, masters degree programs in interpersonal communication, and Ph.D. programs in interpersonal communication.  Explore your options and contact schools with interpersonal communication graduate degree programs for free.

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