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We can't not communicate.  Every day we communicate through words, written and oral (verbal), tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions (nonverbal). Interpersonal Communication programs allow you to study the written and verbal skills needed to successfully communicate the right information, to the right people, at the right time. This is harder than it sounds. Information travels through a series of filters from sender to receiver before the idea can be transmitted in the receiver's mind. Effective communicators need to be able to understand the context around the message, as well as human behavior and the individual communication preferences of the sender and receiver. In a company environment we communicate frequently through a variety of channels: talking, email, meetings, presentations, memos. An organizational communication graduate program can teach managers how to open up communication within an organization and remove barriers of communication through formal and informal exchanges of information. You can efficiently coordinate projects and job instructions, motivate employees, ensure policy compliance, administer performance reviews, and resolve conflicts.

With so many options for communication available to us, an interpersonal communications graduate program becomes very important to the success of our personal and work relationships. Employers consistently name interpersonal communication skills as vital for a successful career and one of the most important criteria for success in management positions. 

With an interpersonal communications degree you may go on to careers such as an office manager,  public relations director, human resource manager, labor relations representative, corporate recruiter, or mediator.

Are you ready to learn how to take Interpersonal Communication skills to the next level? Search for a graduate school that offers a program in Interpersonal Communication. Whether it be a Doctorate of Intercultural Communication or a Masters in Organizational Communication, you can find the graduate program that is best for you. Start your search now!

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